What Her Bag Tells About A Woman

The kind of accessories women wear discloses a lot about her personality, especially when it comes to handbags. A variety of styles of handbags are available in the market. Women carry bags to complement their looks and also as per the usage. Working women are mostly seen with real leather handbags. On the other hand, college goers love to carry cross body bags. Your party outfit needs a clutch to complete your look. If a woman likes to travel, then a backpack must be her favorite accessory as it is spacious enough to keep everything she will need. Love for a shopper bag reflects that a woman is a shopaholic. So, let's see what does your handbag reveals about you.

Leather Handbag

If a woman's favorite handbag in her closet is the leather purse, then she values professionalism and believes in power dressing for work. She is workaholic and like her classic leather bag, she too is classy.

Crossbody Bags

When a woman's favorite bag in her wardrobe is a crossbody bag, she is pretty young at heart. She is bubbly and is fun-loving. She likes to enjoy life to the fullest. You just have to ask her and she is ready with her crossbody bag and sneakers to be out on streets with her friends at any time.


A woman who loves her backpack is the one who is ever ready to explore the world. She loves travelling to other cities. She is the first one to say yes to any night stay plans with friends. Her backpack is her go to bag where she keeps everything she will need when out of her home.

Shopper Bag

Love for a shopper bag reflects that a woman is a shopaholic. This kind of woman is always ready to go on a shopping spree. She splurges a lot on shopping. She is an impulsive buyer. All she needs is her shopper bag and her husband's credit card and off she is to buy just anything under the sun for her family, home or herself.


A woman who never forgets her wallet/Purse/Clutch before going out is the one who is very much organized. She knows that her wallet with cash, coins, credit cards and beauty essentials is the must have accessory that she should never forget to carry with her before leaving home. In fact, she believes that it should be with her 24X7.

13 January 2020
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