What I Learned in English Class and Its Importance

What I learned in english class essay examples: personal statement about why joining an English class can be really useful for students. University is a very important passage into adulthood for most people. It is where a person begins to build their career, by choosing courses and subjects that they are passionate about. Although upon applying to get into any university program, Grade 12 university level English is a prerequisite, and without it, entry will be denied.

This requirement that has been set in place is both necessary and important. Universities offer a wide range of programs and regardless of what program you choose whether it is history, art, math, or science, every class will require you to use critical skills learned in English class in order to be successful.

Such an English coarse will teach an individual how to read and think critically, write formally, present orally, pronounce effectively, and help create the ability to make connections to the world. These skills are extremely valuable to a student because they will be required to write essays and do presentations in front of their peers and teachers.

In the near future I would like to go to school to become a lawyer, and in order for me to succeed, I will need to be able to think critically, speak effectively, and be able to write professional documents. All of these skills will be further developed and prepared for the program because I will be taking the grade 12 English coarse. On the other hand, thinking that programs like Science or Math do not use English as frequently, would be a great misconception. In those courses, individuals still have to communicate with each other, complete lab reports and documents. Overall whether or not someone chooses an English course, the skills and knowledge will still be put to the test in all the programs.

Unfortunately, many students in high school chose not to take the English coarse because they develop the mentality that English is boring and it will not help them in the future, but what those students are not realizing is English is preparing them for all of their classes. English is improving the way they talk, listen and communicate with one another. A big part of getting a job is how the way a person presents themselves. If an individual has a high level of competence and good grammar on their resume, then that person will more likely be considered for a position, opposed to a person who has bad spelling errors on their resume and using slang while talking.  

05 January 2023
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