What is Endo And The Distinctive Features Of Endo


The rate at which fake identities and information are increasing is very alarming. According to investigation, it was reported that about 5 million fake driver licenses are present in Russia every single year and also we all know that the US is a great nation and everyone is eager to reside there and due to that, about 5% of residents are living on a fake passports and most of their students always purchases hard drugs based on a fake identity. However, in the world we are today, many disasters are associated with fake information and we can see these bad acts at work in almost every sector we have today. Many people change documents just to satisfy their own pleasure. These bad acts have to come to an end and thanks to Endo for arising with a perfect solution through the use of blockchain technology.

What is Endo

Endo is a system for the creator and the consumers of applications to relate with information. This platform contains all the necessary structural design for the management of data in different organizations throughout the world. Endo emerged as a result of lack of proper storage about cogent information and this can result to the detriment of the survival of several organizations. However, all fear should disappear because this platform guarantees the easy storage of all kinds of data, information, documents, rights to different kinds of product services and many authentication processes.

The Distinctive Features of Endo

With the functions of this amazing platform, verification of people's identity would be easy and to discover a counterfeit document will be possible. So it is a sure fact that this platform represents data accessing and verification system that provides full transparency and security when it comes to management of data. With this function, the world will be purged of fake and counterfeit data.

Endo also allows it's participants to set their own standard based on the provided policies via blockchain.

The tool to track down basics information, as well as the proper storage of encrypted data, will be properly handled by this platform.

The important data like medical reports info, educational reports or records and personal identity, here is their haven. Not only will they be protected from the third parties, users will also be given an exclusive key whenever they are needed.

At the moment, Endo is on a period of token sale and has already attained its soft cap at the moment. This platform contains a wonderful team that focus on making the world a secure place. The team entail an elder like Kentaro Harada who happens to be a crypto course author in Japan and many others that is holding it down for ENDO.

ICO Details

Token name:n (ET)

Emission: 100M

Soft cap: $5M

Hard cap: $15M

ICO completion: 25 August 2018

Investment entry threshold: $100


ENDO addresses one of the most cogent issues that Blockchain technology can solve – the authenticity of the information. With the features of this platform and the problems they seek to address, I strongly believe that this project will definitely thrive.

03 December 2019
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