The Meaning and Purpose of History: A Philosophical Exploration

Why study history? Is it possibly to analyze from past mistakes, to yearn for misplaced glory or for some other reason? In what is history essay will try to answer these questions. Also, in this essay is more than what is history essay 150 words due to the fact that it is difficult to describe such deep topic as history less than in 400 words. 

What is history? History is the story of men and girls on the face of the earth at a unique duration of time who played their part to make up something like a story. Individuals may also affect the course of history, however history as such is the sum complete of all the moves put together culminating in some structure which the historians comfortably call the period. History can also be appeared at as the story of the increase of a humans or peoples. 

Then why learn about history ? The above cited thoughts of records have the answer to this question. There have been intervals in history which shows the upward thrust and fall of societies, where notable guys and women play their part. Each USA boasts of a positive golden generation when a extremely good personality, a king or queen or an Emperor had so plenty power that he was the centre of the picture. To recognize the picture is to understand the person. Just to quote an example, take the period of Queen Elizabeth I in England. It was a period of growth for England, it had its moments of glory, it saw the flourishing of artwork and so on. To know the period, we research all about the life of the actors on the stage.

Individuals can also impact the course of history. The extremely good non secular founders like the Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohamed had influenced the path of history. Quite recently we recognize how the writings of Rousseau and Voltaire and others influenced the course of the French Revolution that was to follow. In latest instances we comprehend how the works of Marx and Engels delivered about nearly well-known revolution and the route of which has now not stopped. To be aware of the increase of a humans we read history. This is excellent illustrated with the aid of analyzing the History of the USA. How a few spiritual people who ran away from their mother united states of america to avoid prosecution went in waves to colonize and almost a effective usa used to be born. Here one is without difficulty aware of the accidents of history.

History of the Industrial Revolution and the consequent labor moves and many different things which have been the off-shoots of the Revolution are very fascinating to know.

To continue essay about history we need to mention that to understand the increase of societies, one should seem into history. Thus a study of historic societies throws light on how such societies have been formed and grew. Some forces act as detrimental ones, some forces act as incentives and some others go to consolidate the society. A classical example is Munroe which helped the uninhibited boom of USA for almost a hundred years. History traces the growth of society. This seems to be a foremost notion today; the ancient insistence on dates, acquisition, battles and treaties have been relegated to the background.

It is said that records repeats itself. That means human nature being, it repeats the equal mistake without mastering from the past. If we comprehend the previous errors perhaps we may want to have averted them. That is what the United Nations has been attempting to do. Its predecessor the League of Nations had been built in weakness. But it cannot be stated that the UNO is a totally revised model because one or two of the simple mistakes which the League of countries suffered from. It is a amazing pity that humanity cannot research from the previous mistakes.

The next proposition is whether the learn about of records is a craving for past glory. To some extent this is true. In oriental international locations which have been underneath colonial rule, they absolutely look returned for some glory. They cull it from the past art and literature and have a feel of fulfilment. The invention of printing has revolutionized the world of thought. The invention of the Mariner's compass has helped navigation to such a terrific extent that all the seas have come under the control of man. The invention of gun powder, the discovery of coal and petroleum, the invention of the motor car, and the splitting of the atom, almost all of them have changed the route of history. Now there are two incredible questions staring at the world; one is the atmospheric air pollution and the other is the populace explosion. Now that man has a understanding of their presence and has the equipment to tackle them; he can to some extent structure his future.

It was what is history essay examples in which we briefly considered the advantages of studying history. History can also again reflect the interplay of human emotions ending up in a sure structure of society. History can also indicate how societies have been fashioned and how they grew. If sure societies continue to exist the onslaught of time whilst others disappear altogether, history helps recognize the forces at work. In short we may also not be a long way from right if we say that history traces the increase of human society.

10 October 2022
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