What is the Problem of Traffic and Its Solution

Traffic congestion is also called traffic jam. It occurs when traffic either reaches a total stop or moderates beneath its typical speed. It's anything but a lovely circumstance for anybody. It is upsetting, makes those unfortunate enough stall out in it to come later than wanted to their goals, and makes it take more time to get places. In any case, it is an unavoidable truth in and between urban zones the world over.

Traffic blockage in itself isn't perilous. Since exorbitant speed is the most well-known reason for mishaps prompting demise or real damage, and traffic blockage results in moderate development of vehicles, a driver who is gotten in a congested road isn't in risk of a mishap brought about by rapid. Any mishaps that happen would be at low speed. Yet, the outrageous proportions of upset drivers can prompt risk, including forceful path changing, rodent running down little avenues, U-turns, and speeding after the jam is over to set aside a few minutes can be risky. As Lahore grows in every direction possible, traffic congestion has become a regular occurrence on most thoroughfares in the metropolis. This has resulted in not only productivity and economic loss for its citizens, but also imposed a social cost in terms of mental stress and lost time.

What Really Causes Traffic Congestion?

The truth is that traffic congestion is caused by multiple causes and here they are not in the order of importance.

  1. Too numerous vehicles for the roadway because of insufficient mass travel alternatives or different reasons.
  2. Obstacles in the street causing a blockage and merger. These can be any of the accompanying:
  • Twofold stopping
  • Street work
  • Path conclusion because of utility work
  • Street narrowing down
  • A mishap

  3. Traffic flag out of synchronize commonly intentionally or once in a while when the PCs are breaking down.

  4. Inadequate green time

  5. Too numerous walkers crossing not allowing vehicles to turn

  6. Too numerous trucks out and about because of insufficient rail cargo openings

  7. Overdevelopment in regions where the mass travel framework is as of now stuffed and the street framework is lacking.

Who is to Blame?

Sometimes it is the driver who insists on driving his car even if mass transit makes more sense. But that is more the exception than the rule. People usually tend to do what makes the most sense for them. If driving will save them 20 minutes or a half hour, and they can afford the parking, that’s what they will do. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Sometimes DOT is to blame by making the signals out of sync (turning your signal green and the following red at the same time forcing you to just miss it). The DOT believes this will improve safety, especially around school zones, by forcing everyone to start and stop. However, in reality, all it does is increase air pollution, waste gas and time, and cause cars to illegally speed up just catch two green signals in a row, which would be otherwise impossible, thereby increasing danger not reducing it.

How to Reduce Traffic Congestion?

There are many ways you can put restriction on traffic jams while managing a safe road, it may include new technology implementation, more roads, more transit options and many more. There are 7 possible solutions of traffic jam congestion and solutions for the greatest nation’s gridlock:

  1. Adaptive Traffic Signals.
  2. Drones for delivery services.
  3. Speed humps and roundabouts.
  4. Automated speed enforcement cameras.
  5. Radar speed display.
  6. ANPR system.
  7. Center Island on road.



I stated that mass transit is no savior. That is because, for certain trips, the automobile still remains the best way to go if the densities are not great enough to support subways, light rail or buses. This is something bicycle advocates will never admit. Buses also can cause their own congestion without off-street bus terminals. The days of constructing new highways are over for most metropolitan areas. That does not mean we should not be removing bottlenecks by adding lanes at strategic locations as DOT has recently done near the Brooklyn Bridge. I have provided causes of traffic congestion and many solutions. In some instances little can be done. However, too many cars are only one cause of traffic congestion. But it’s not the only one.

07 July 2022
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