Geoffrey Chaucer - Father Of English Poetry

Time has failed to worn the rich fabric of Chaucer’s literature. His is not only redeemed the poet of medieval days but also the poet for all the times to come past, present and future. He not merely deserves the entitlement of being an extraordinary poet but also enjoys the stardom of being the father of literature specifically English. He was a man possessing the rarest gift for writing. He had succeeded most probably in holding up a mirror to society and Mother Nature as whole and reflected in his literature. Busy schedules both personal and professional life during his days weren’t strong enough to defeat Chaucer’s ardent interest for writing, for he wrote nonetheless and flourished. Furthermore he had skillfully crafted the intricacies representing humanity through many magnificent poetical accomplishments.

Geoffrey Chaucer contributed immensely for the development of poetry of English. He is also designated as the co-founder or father of literature particularly English. He wasn’t simply an ordinary poet but also bore the entitlement as the farsighted philosopher. He contributed immensely in shaping and molding the literature of English. From giving new heights to language of English despite being confronted by many challenges popularly the Black Death, to putting forth language of English to be rich, sophisticated and entertaining as that of French and Latin of his days. Furthermore he proved that English language could convey all the complexities of serious literature which was redeemed impossible during his days. (Pugh, T. 2013).

Chaucer’s ability to connect with Mother Nature, his ability to understand the law of interconnection and various experiences in work and life fed his writing. His literature is the incorporation of unique blend of interesting, funny, unexpected, insightful themes which overall gives a unique feel to readers mind and literature of English as well. His literature evokes in readers a sense of wonder, amazement, and helps reader brainstorm their deep seated knowledge in order to fully understand as well as to analyze the level concerning his rich achievements. Masterpieces popularly the tales of Canterbury are all imaginative and insightful, and are enough designation to portray the significant contribution he made towards literature of English. There are many things that inspired his writing career such as political chaotic life called as the dark ages, meaning instability in political thus he used this as a theme in his writing.

The things like corrupted religious institution that are self-centered, greedy, corrupted, ignorant religious headed person that is clergy match people to rethink and move to new religious institutions. Dark social economic outbreak of incurable disease, heavy taxes, feminine all this inspire people to come up one revolution thus declining the feudal system by reshaping their behavior and marking the new beginning social structure. People started to feel and think about nationalism and patriotism. They also thought about equity, oneness and liberty. This is also the era that marked the beginning of everything. There was a rise of nationalistic feeling. Medieval era had intense concept, chivalric qualities, romance and adventures. All this were included in Chaucer’s work. This were enough proof to redeem him as a realistic writer who painted the picture of 14th century which was vividly clear. Thus he is designated as the co-founder of literature specifically English.

Geoffrey Chaucer was a great human being a humanitarian perhaps, who saw the need to bring improvement in people’s life by reflecting the complexities of his days in his writing. Laying the groundwork for women empowerment indeed proves his farsighted vision. The tale “wife of bath’’ takes into account character of women to be far more superior to that man. He showcased that women are capable of protecting themselves either physically and emotionally. This tale challenges all the stereotypical practices where women were expected to stay low key and ruled over by their husband. This tale incorporates all the good funny humors to attract audience and more importantly in raising the voice of women in man dominated society. Smith, J. T, (2014).

The tales of Canterbury which uses the technique ‘’story within the story ‘’incorporates a combination of unexpected themes. . He was the first and foremost writer to write about people coming from different social backgrounds. During his time many talented writers and poet wrote or focused more on high class people. He however saw the need to bring change to this trend by introducing people from different backgrounds in his innovative works. This tale marks spirituality as a benchmark for levelling the people irrespective of their race and profession. Chaucer, G. (1985). His works encircles around bettering the humanity. It provides readers ample opportunity to explore, analyze, delve deeper into understanding the true nature of human being. Then these combination of different human traits are embedded in his masterpieces.

Example in Canterbury tales thirty one people had different outlook on life that shape their personalities and identity as whole. He can rightly be called the poet of humanity. Chaucer’s literature has withstood the test of time as he is still remembered and cherished by many as one of the talented writer of olden times. He is the one who gave color to literature of English and he is known for his bountiful accomplishment towards literature. He is a man to express in words the experiences he gained and use a picture of life in his age for all level society. The contribution he showered toward literature is insightful, profane and despite confronted by many challenges during his time he had followed his passion for writing and reflected on his literature.

03 December 2019
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