Why Is Marriage So Important For Gay And Lesbian Couples

Gays Live in a World of Wedded Bliss

The Gay Guide to Wedded Bliss shows extensively that gay couples that marry are far happier than married heterosexual couples. The higher success rates of gay marriages are often attributed to a number of factors. The most prevalent factor is the absence of gender role stereotypes present in the relationships. When both spouses are of the same gender, there’s no room for societies gender roles to play into their household. Nobody is expected to do all of the cooking and the cleaning for the family, they share these responsibilities equally. Homosexual couples have more even distribution of household responsibilities. Marriages between two people of the same gender is a highly debated topic. Many are in favor of the legalization of these wedding, but many believe that these marriages are an abomination. They believe that allowing homosexual couples to marry will ruin the sanctity of marriage. Well heterosexual couples have already done that. They are far less happy with their married lives than are homosexual couples.

without the sharp divisions that gender roles create in their married lives, homosexual couples liv3e in a better world for the remainder of their marriage. Homosexuals have a much lower rate of divorce than do straight couples. This happiness that they feel in their married lives not only makes for better families, and lower divorce rates, but it also makes them far happier overall in their lives. Many opponents of these marriages state that marriage should be between a man and a woman, and any changes t that would ruin marriage once and for all. Clearly the opposite of that is what’s happening to these couples. These same sex couples are far happier than the man and woman marriages. These same opponents argue that too many children are being raised in unstable homes. They believe that having two parents of the same gender makes their household inherently unstable. This is ridiculous because, as wave seen the households of gay parents are far happier than their heterosexual counterparts. Because of the happier parents in the household, the kids are happier too. It just creates a generally happier household.

Gay and lesbian couples that marry are shown to be more committed to their family’s general wellbeing. They tend not to think of divorce as a future option for them. They are fully invested in their family’s general happiness and that leads to a far happier and healthier family. Heterosexual couples too often see divorce as an option for the future. They think that if they mess up somewhere down the line, that they can just get a divorce and start over. They see divorce as a way out of their current situation, it’s a plan B. homosexual couples don’t see the need for a plan B. they’re happy with their lives and their marriages. They don’t think they will need a way out so they don’t see it as a possibility. They will try far harder to make their marriage work, and it’ll be easier to do without the presence of the gender roles in their lives. This is why gay couples have a much lower rate of divorce than compared to

The theory presented to analyze these differences in marriage happiness is an apt theory. Its verified via social research and data taken from real couples. It shows very well that homosexual couples that marry are in turn, far happier than heterosexual married couples. The point that these differences in happiness levels of married couples is due to the absence of gender roles is absolutely plausible. Gender roles create unnecessary strains on heterosexual couples that just aren’t present in homosexual relationships and that is why they aren’t as happy.

Even though gender roles are becoming less and less prevalent in society as time progress on, they are still as prevalent as ever in married life. Without that strain on the heterosexual couples, they end up being much happier than their heterosexual counterparts. Currently in our constantly improving and changing society, may people are trying to do away with gender roles all together. The recent women’s marches across the nation protested the mistreatment of women, which is most often presented in the presence of gender roles. This greater happiness of married same sex couples also applies to pre-marriage relationships as well.

I, myself, am a homosexual woman and I have had relationships with men in the past. I’m far happier in my relationship now with a woman that I ever was with a man. This is not just because I wasn’t interested in men, it’s because the relationship as a whole is happier. We don’t have the same gender roles that an opposite sex couple would have in their relationship. Usually in heterosexual relationships, the male is the one that plans and pays for all of the dates and everything. But in my relationship, my girlfriend and I both do so. We usually alternate paying and it leads to more balance in the relationship. This is not just about money, and who pays for things. Were both far happier than some heterosexual couples I know where the present gender roles in society strain their relationship on many fronts.

Homosexual couples hold the key to wedded bliss. That key is the absence of gender roles. However, in order to attain that key heterosexual couples would have to change drastically to eliminate the ever present gender roles. With a couple composed of two people of different genders, there will always be some gender roles present in their relationships. It would be way too hard to completely eliminate these gender roles while the couples is composed of two different genders. The only way to completely eradicate these roles in a relationship would be to have a homosexual relationship, and for some that just not a viable option.

10 September 2019
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