Why Revolution Is Necessary For Civilization

It is necessary when you live in a society that is all ways finding ways to evolve or be better, In some Cases we when to far like Hitler and the Nazis that’s a point when you need to end or over throw your government the way the Jews were murdered and treated was wrong and a government should never have that much control or power it is very dangerous to that because they can connect government and church which just leads to a crazy war or murder.

The reason we have government is to keep everyone in check and to keep law and order or we would probably all murder one another and get way way with it. It’s a way of checks and balances making sure were all equal even though we have a president we also live in a democracy so we ae all equal when it comes down to it. The government just keeps thoughts in check and make sure our country and its people don’t go bankrupted and have defenses and food for trading shipping and eating.

Some things that can lead to a revolution are the government miss treating or killing citizens and innocent people could case a war which is one type of revolution – an Evolent revolution where we have at advancements and changes I since and what we believe is true since is one of history’s most great changes from using candles to light bulbs another is the type of that most common,happens governed change when the people change or over though war when we decide to change our believes and do something to change the way people act talk or think about something or someone. When we have a revolution we should always keep the justice system in check and how our leader and advisors act and control, we should always try to see it in a different prospective we as people should never go to violent or homosapien ways because those are ways of the past we should always try to be civil when arguing or being controversial or in any type of conversation the way we should carry out a revolution is always in a civilized major.

Revolution is how our civilization has thrived by finding new things new places, coming up with new ideas that change history and the way we think about humanity and the way we prosses information we have had past, revolutions that have changed humanity like the civil war or the black lives matter the creation of the internet we have had major and minor revolutions but they all have changed our way of life for the better this is why revolution is necessary.

11 February 2020
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