Why Rodrigo Duterte is a Great Leader

Leadership of President Duterte (essay)

With great power comes great responsibility, a quote that applies to people in power, not only superheroes but also our politicians. In the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte, the most powerful man in the country, has confronted various issues due to his unique behavior as the President. Duterte's leadership style is often described as unconventional, with his tendency to speak his mind and use harsh language. However, despite these allegations, many people believe that this kind of behavior is what the country needs. Duterte is viewed as a president brave enough to fight for his people amidst different issues, including drugs, crime, and corruption. He is seen as a responsible leader who can provide a better life for his country. To analyze why Rodrigo Duterte is a great leader, this essay will examine Duterte's unique behavior and controversial actions in the Philippines. We will also argue why many people believe that he is the leader that the country needs to combat its issues and provide a better life for its citizens.

To start the essay about duterte leadership it is needed to begin with the war on drugs. The war on drugs is one of the successful projects of President Duterte. He believes that the drug users are the cause of all crimes in the country. By his leadership, a total of 18, 388 drug-affected villages were set free, 49, 265 drug personalities were arrested, 208,000 were rehabilitated, and P19.67 billion-worth of drugs and laboratory equipment were seized. Unlike the previous presidents, Duterte is the only president of the Philippines who made the war on drugs very effective. His war on drugs lessen the criminality and illegal drugs trade and it makes the country much safe to live.

Another project of President Duterte is the 'Build, Build, Build (BBB)' which is forecasted to finish in the year 2022. The project wherein Duterte promised to allocate 9 trillion pesos for new infrastructures to enhance the lives of Filipinos. This project is the solution to the years of under-investment and daunting problems that had crippled the country. Some projects under BBB are the Subic-Clark Railway, North-South railway, 1,500-hectare industrial park and expanded Clark International Airport in Clark, Pampanga. Having a lot of ideas and projects in order to fully improve the lives of Filipinos, makes the president worthy of the title “the best president of the Philippines”.

In a nutshell to conclude leadership of president duterte essay, being the most powerful person in the country entails responsibility. You must give your countrymen what they needed and wanted – a change in the Philippines. President Duterte, the best example for this, shows that he is the man of his words. He implemented the war on drugs for the safety of the country, secures our country’s future by having the BBB project, and implemented more other laws for the betterment of the country. Thus, this makes President Rodrigo Duterte the best president of the Philippines.


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10 October 2022
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