Why Society Cannot Function Without Respect

In my opinion, society cannot function without respect. Respect Plays a role in our everyday lives. If you don’t treat others with respect they won’t treat you with respect. In my opinion, respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners. When we respect others, we become closer to being a better person. If society had respect, we most likely wouldn’t have the problems we have today. Respect is now considered a luxury, rather than a common courtesy. If you see a homeless person on the side of the road, the unfortunate reality is that they rarely see respect as an individual. We must think about the way we act to others, because the smallest act of kindness can truly make a difference and change somebody’s day. Respect is part of the community cooperation. In order for a society to function, everyone in that society need to walk together; this means that they need to respect each other so there will be equal opportunities for everyone. Respecting others is a silent way to express our feeling for them. When Someone is not being respected, even when they treated others with respect, something triggers in their mind. They fill as if they don’t fit in and could have a possible chance of hurting themselves. Which means an attempt to suicide.

If the citizens of a society didn’t have respect they would be wild and there would be chaos. If something were to happen and you didn’t trust anyone around you, you would want to try and get help. If you don’t respect the people around you they’re not going to respect or trust you. In order to gain respect and trust you would need to do the same for others. Respect toward others helps build relationships. Society can’t function without respect for the law. I believe the problem with our society is that because people are living in unfortunate circumstances or feel persecuted because of race, color or any other social stigmas, they feel exempt or think the rules of conduct do not apply to them. Those who respect the law have understandable reasons to obey it; their reason is their attitude. If you disobey the law, some people may believe they can misbehave just because they saw someone else behave that way.

When someone gets arrested, then it could possibly mean that they don’t have respect for the law. When teenagers see their parents act out against authority, they will most likely to follow in their footsteps. Parents should respect their children and the law by setting an good example, because it normally starts at home. Teenagers often go off and have parties, which can lead to a lot of trouble. They could do things that's against the law and could possibly put them in danger. For example, if their parents don't supervise their kids and watch what they do they may think they can do whatever they want to. Doing drugs and drinking underage. Think about whether or not your child to grow up and do the same thing you do/did. The police officers try their best to enforce laws and protect the public, but it is a losing battle.

All in all, I believe that society cannot function without respect. It is important to respect others. If you want to be treated with respect, then you should do the same to others. Let people know that your a respectful person. In my opinion, you should always have respect for the law. Without respect in a society, it would be utterly chaos and people being wild. It would also include people treating others as if they’re a piece of trash.

07 September 2020
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