Why Wikileaks Is Not A Beneficial Source

Wikileaks is a website in which secret documents/video or any other form of evidence are publicly shared for the whole internet to see. It was created in 2006 by Julian Assange. This is a worldwide topic but it seems to have the most amount of attention in the United States. Governments or other high ranking corporations find themselves most targeted by these exploits. The website is still up and running to this day, and is still relevant because they’re many countries that see them as a good thing. However, Wikileaks infringe rights, exploit confidential information and cause too many other problems to be seen as a beneficial source.

First, the credibility is not completely testified. The website is said to only accept information from credible accounts, but that is hard to believe considering that all the accounts are anonymous. Therefore the accountability of the documents is not verified meaning there’s no telling whether the information is truthful or not. One writer, for WorldNetDaily wrote an article back in December 2010 providing input on the global problems that have been brought through wikileaks and why the website still has so much support behind it. He stated, “Popular culture is perverting the image of the internet criminal, transforming him or her into a noble figure of free speech…”. In today’s society most people are too afraid to tell somebody when they’re doing something that they really shouldn’t be because of the backlash they may face for trying to do the right thing. People are oblivious to others when they are committing crimes, and sometimes even applaud them as long as it won’t affect them. Also since most of them are uneducated on certain topics they’ll believe anything they see on the internet, true or not. This is a problem that Wikileaks are not helping to solve.

Second is the legal problems that the website is faced with. The first amendment is freedom of speech, but that does not give humans the right to share information about their nation’s government that is meant to be confidential. This goes against the espionage act, which made it illegal to share information with foreign nations that has to do with the government. Marc A. Thiessen, a writer for the Washington Post exclaimed, “Wikileaks is not a news organization; it is a criminal enterprise. Its reason for existence is to obtain classified national security information and disseminate it as widely as possible”. Julian Assange is a criminal, not a brilliant mastermind that people make him out to be. But since the nature of the average person is to be intrusive when it comes to secrets, many think that exploits are beneficial. But in reality, regulations are demolished to get the information, which is not legal in many ways. The creator himself just got arrested and just appeared in court last week in Sweden for sexual offences on top of the Wikileaks website.

Lastly, is the increased chance of danger from national enemies. The information that is posted is shared worldwide, therefore anybody anywhere can access the secrets. Which strange considering that they’re some countries that aren’t even targeted by the website. Russia seems to have close to no exploits on the website, but the United States has millions. It seems as if the website is just a way to spy on opponent foreign nations. The creation of this website has broken the trust that alliance they had. Asian News International released an article that stated, “however friendly a country may be, our people (Indians) should always be careful when dealing with foreign countries”(“India dealing”). This is just an example of one country that was affected by Wikileaks, now the whole nation is suspicious on whether or not their “friendly allies” are still willing to help India when needed. This is happening all over the world all because of the website that people swear to very beneficial. Luckily they’re some people who see the bigger picture drawn by Wikileaks. Writer(s) from the New World Encyclopedia exclaimed, “Others believe that government security and diplomacy require secrecy. They feel that the actions of these sites are dangerous…”. The select few woke individuals that understand the seriousness of the website know that it needs to be shutdown.

Critics argue that Wikileaks gives a solid source to Americans to instruct their selves about the activities of their legislature. It offers a straightforward perspective on the administration, and enables Americans to be informants on absurd issues managed by the legislature. While this may be true, no legislature or association purposefully releases a great many secret inner reports. WikiLeaks is tolerating taken property and passing it on by means of the Net to any individual who cares to take it. Moreover, it's covering the character of the source. Without a doubt, WikiLeaks isn't being paid to assemble and pass on taken data - however it is profiting by noteworthy attention. What's more, what, precisely, is the wrongdoing here that legitimizes burglary and divulgence? Where's more noteworthy benefit? Is WikiLeaks uncovering offenses to benefit society or simply airing the messy clothing of individuals it doesn't care for?

Another truth is that people can do whatever they want to do. It’s the twenty-first century data needs to be free, and we ought to become accustomed to it. Given current patterns, mystery is progressively old. Power never again lies in cornering data. Power lies in what you can do with it. Advanced electronic information is routinely replicated during ordinary handling. Occupying a duplicate and circulating it worldwide is crafted by minutes. Safety efforts like encryption are coordinated by progressively modest preparing power. The procedure is inescapable and irreversible. WikiLeaks is only a helpful substitute. Two journalists from The New York Times said ,”We are deeply grateful for the accomplishments of Wikileaks, and applaud Ecuador’s decision to grant diplomatic asylum to its founder”. Wikileaks have shared a large amount of important information about worldwide problems that people now have a better understanding of. In spite of this, data about people and associations is progressively presented to burglary, abuse, and information mining. Our protection relies upon the capacity to keep data mystery (secure). Immaculate security might be absurd, however flawlessness isn't required - simply enough security to keep maltreatment to worthy levels. Mystery isn't old, simply slacking. Innovative change prompts new manhandles, making new difficulties to security, however society adjusts. To meet the intrinsic requirement for security, we realize what to uncover and where, and how to keep mystery what we don't uncover.

Wikileaks share confidential documents of governments for the whole world to see, which is basically like everyones medical records being available for anybody to see. Nothing has happened yet, but some news can be spread, that may be detrimental, causing a war to break out. Meaning that no public good comes from the publishing of communiques of diplomats and world leaders, and the website should just be shutdown before anything is done that could harm people’s lives. As more interactions are made through the internet, reconnaissance, assembling, and preparing are getting harder and harder to distinguish. Information is logically obtained and sold as an item, so effectively palatable disclosures - like giving your phone number or email to a store - must be reevaluated. Speedy, astonishing and sensible data mining, got together with a ton of accessible data, makes security more critical than some other time in ongoing memory. 

16 August 2021
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