William Morgan: Creator of the Unusual Sport 'Volleyball'

William Morgan made a difference to society by creating a sport that made a difference in real life and at home. Minotte was an athletic event that was started in 1895, but a year later the name happened to be changed to the name volleyball. Volleyball is a team sport that is played by a group of men or women. Two teams divided into six while your team is trying to score a point without the ball touching the ground. Morgan was the founding investor of volleyball who created the sport in 1895, in Holyoke Massachusetts. Although Volleyball was a well-played sport, it took much time and practice.

Morgan’s career leads to a variety of outcomes. Morgan created an extraordinary sport called “Volleyball.” “Volley means to play the hit the ball back and forth from opposite sides of the net. The object of the game is to keep the ball off the ground and in motion. Most people were a hitter, passer, or a server. He created this activity to blend elements of basketball, tennis, and handball as well as many other sports to form. Morgan became the director of physical education for volleyball. This caused him to be put forth into an opportunity to establish and develop an easy and strong program of exercise. He was looking for a nonviolent and less intensiveness sport for all ages. Volleyball is now one of the largest five international sports, that is played all around the world. When with a colleague, Morgan happened to notice that basketball was really fun but shorter and weaker athletes couldn’t manage to get to the ball and the weaker ones could not grasp the ball. In 1896, the first exhibit match was played at Springfield College. By, the 1900s, a certain type of ball was created. This was not too heavy but not too light. This *adjective describing cool* ball is now in the hall of fame at the college. Multiple people were getting contracts and scholarships around 1916. Need a conclusion and own thought.

You need to start with a topic sentence here about how Morgan contributed to society by finding a sport that everyone enjoys and …. In 1896 the first exhibit match was played at Springfield College. William Morgan made a difference to society by when playing volleyball you always want to enter the gym with a good attitude, because every move you make determines your actions in the game. “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference between volleyball success and volleyball failure”. Because of him, his open inspiration, and creativeness a sport that people love and dedicate their time to. Volleyball is a very famous sport that has been played for almost one hundred and thirty-five years. At times, especially during Olympic matches, it even brings countries and the world together! Morgan wanted people to have fun and enjoy Volleyball, just like he did. The sport provides us entertainment and makes our bodies feel strong, both physically and mentally. When we are down it lets us express our emotions in different ways, whether it be happiness, sadness, excitement, or frustration. Volleyball teaches us leadership, team spirit, and sportsmanship. It also teaches us discipline, fairness, and we learn how to work hard for ourselves.

Volleyball teaches us that things are real when you try and when you’re upset and if life doesn’t go how you want it’s ok. volleyball shows us how to be happy without being rude about it.

07 July 2022
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