Work Experience as a Student of Radiology

The human body is a mesmerizing thing, staggeringly complex, yet in many ways beautifully simple. When it works, it is both efficient and elegant and when things go wrong, it can have the capacity to heal itself. That is why radiography is such a powerful profession as it gives medical staff the most insightful diagnostic information, allowing them to act to assist the body’s own healing processes. My aspirations have always been to obtain a front-line health care position, which has the potential to make a huge impact on people’s lives. This, together with my fascination with anatomy makes me eager to pursue a degree in Diagnostic Radiography.

Work experience in Lewisham Hospital’s radiology unit gave me valuable insight into the role of the radiographer and the fast-paced and challenging environment they work within. It showed me that being able to communicate clearly and with empathy with both patients and colleagues is vital.

During my placement, I had the opportunity to shadow a radiographer whilst he was performing a chest X ray at an elderly patients who was facing breathing difficulties. The ease in which the radiographer dealt with the stressful situation to gradually calm the patient down alongside ensuring that the chest X ray was done properly. This emphasises the importance of continuously offering support and encouragement to various patients so radiographer comes into contact with. Having read an article on “Dementia patient care in the diagnostic medical imaging department” gave me a broader knowledge on the scans taken when identifying dementia and how radiographers treat it.

Through my academic exposure in Chemistry, has given me the insight into the chemical, physical and biological effects of radiation a term often used when diagnosing patients. It had also confirmed my choice of radiography as a career path.

In A-Level Psychology, in the module on Biopsychology, we have analysed how brain structure and neurotransmitters influence both behaviours and thoughts. I was particularly interested in the power of MRI, a scan which produces detailed images of both soft tissue and anatomical structural making of the brain. It plays a vital role within imagine patients with conditions such as brain and spinal damage or even dementia.

Studying Business A-Level has enabled me to equip myself with analytical and decision making skills which work experience showed me will be invaluable in working in the hospital environment. Equally, I have gained the key skills transferrable skills of report writing and presenting and I feel that these will be an asset to me working within the busy hospital setting where accuracy of communication is so important.

In Year 11, I undertook work experience in Natwest which gave me experience in managing customer service and using my initiative whilst working as part of a team. This allowed me to develop my verbal and written skills in the work place as well as giving experience in problem solving customers’ queries whilst showing patience and empathy. I also have a part time job tutoring children in Maths and English. 

Overall acting as a senior prefect in my school community has empowered me with a strong set of inter professional skills through taking responsibility for supervising in lunch duties and understanding the importance of punctuality and reliability. I recently completed my Duke of Edinburgh bronze award and this experience allowed me to develop as a determined and resilient person.  

01 August 2022
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