Exemplification Essays Examples

What is an exemplification essay and why do we have to write it as college or university students? If you are already familiar with argumentative essay writing, you already have a clear benefit as it is almost the same thing. The major difference here is that you have to offer several examples to prove your point. It is not only a good source that talks about some research that has been done but an actual example that keeps things narrowed down to the practical application or specific events that have taken place in the past. The factual evidence is very important here as each statement should be tied to an example. ...

Exemplification Essay Structure 

In dealing with a typical exemplification essay example, focus on the structure and the examples that will either help you to support and justify your point or fail your writing if what you provide is insufficient. Here is what you must include:

– Introduction with the general information about the subject you are exploring.
– Your thesis statement is further supported by examples. It is the most important aspect of exemplification writing because the key is to use another source to support your idea or a statement that you make.
– Three to five factual examples in the body paragraphs. Keep your writing clear and introduce the sources if you plan to use them for support purposes.
– Conclusion paragraph that unites your sources and provides an exemplification.


– You provide general information about the issue first to explain the general range of things that can be explored.

As a rule, exemplification should always start with general terms until you narrow things down a bit with helpful examples.

Your thesis statement starts by narrowing things down to specific examples.

Your thesis should be like a summary of what has been justified by the sources.

You provide examples that go beyond the sources as you implement statistical data, interviews, surveys, and other types of data collection.

Use all the types of evidence that can provide an example of how something has been used, and how something has worked, and so on.

You have tried to unite and connect the examples to support your thesis in your conclusion paragraph.

Provide sufficient analysis of your thesis statement and restate it in the conclusion to explain how it has been supported.

There is an analysis that has been provided regarding what you have learned.

Explain the outcomes and talk about what has been learned. Your argument must be supported and explained in simpler terms

All your sources have been properly documented.

Every idea that is not yours should be referenced according to the style that has been specified in your grading rubric.

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