Exploratory Essays Examples

Also known as the type of reflective writing, this type of essay writing is mostly requested by college professors dealing with Nursing, Law, Psychology, Sociology, or other sciences where you have to present a retrospective of your reflective writing. Your thoughts are truly important here! You should explore an issue and work your way the best way you can until a solution has been found. In a typical exploratory essay example, you may describe how and why exactly you were able to start and finish a specific research type. As a rule, such writing takes time and can be identified as a type of research where you must analyze things and reflect the best way you can.  ...

Exploratory Essay Structure 

Many college students are choosing various exploratory essay topics that usually talk of social problems or the challenges that they have faced. Some may talk about being an Englishman in New York or being a person in a class where learners with certain disabilities can be encountered. The typical structure will be as follows: 

– An introduction with a powerful thesis statement sentence. 

– Three to five body paragraphs where you provide the chronology of your work and reflect on the methods. 

– A paragraph about limitations that you have faced during your research work. 

– An explanatory outcomes paragraph. 

– Analytical conclusion where you sum things up and talk about what you could or could not achieve.  


– You start your writing with a strong argument even though it is an introduction.

You have to provide a justification of the research that you have already done and keep your tone reflective.

Your subject has been introduced in general terms before providing the methods that you have chosen.

Remember that you must talk about your subject and the usual topics that are related and helpful to explain your point of view.

You have provided information about the challenges and limitations you have faced.

Talk about the limitations and the lack of information that has become apparent during your research work.

There is an explanation of the outcomes that you have learned with the justification.

It is important to keep your tone explorative in this part of an essay because you must explain what has been found as a result.

You have provided a strong conclusion that sums up things and does not introduce any new ideas.

Your final part must provide a brief summary of the key points of your research and offer information regarding

You provide sufficient examples that help people to relate to the issues being described.

The examples are essential here because you will be among those students that keep their writing vivid and emotional as the explanations are provided.

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