A City Of Punjab – My Home Town

I lived in so many places in my life and I have different opinions of all the places. Each place has its own pros and cons and every place where I lived throughout my life really not suit my nature at all. In this essay, I am going to tell about my experience of living in all places and their cultures, standard of living and also my thought is that we should always choose the place which suits us best because we need to spend our life in that life.

I was born in Punjab, India, and lived there for 17 years and then I moved to Prince George in Canada. I consider it to be my hometown. I spend my whole lifetime over there from childhood to teenage. I have so many memories from there some are bad and some are good. Most of my memories are good as over there I was living with my family and I have a very good bonding with all of them and most interesting thing is that I used to live in a joint family with my siblings, uncle and aunt. They were living together when I was not even born. We all have a very good mutual understanding with each other and loves each other a lot.

So, talking about my hometown firstly I would to like to say that as I spend my half of life over there so according to me its very beautiful place to live and have a future over there. There are also some negative things about that place which I would like to mention over here. As I was living in Punjab in India and everybody knows that some places in Punjab is very hot but where I used to live earlier is near about mountains just 1 km away. So, the weather over there is not that much hot as it used to in another places but the thing is in winters its freezing cold like it used to have in foreign countries. And in that time its very difficult to go outside and mostly for the farmers as they were unable to grow their vegetables, Fruits and all that and due to that sometimes the nearby places fell shortages of food as they are not getting food supply due to weather.

On the other side, as its called a hill station we have so many places to visit and many of the foreigners are also visiting those places in india. My town had so many good restaurants and shopping mall over there and also a rivers over there and they are extremely beautiful and they also provide small restaurants near the lake for the people who go there to visit. On the Good side, this town was wide open like it’s a kind of village so there is not so much crowd and there was lots of space and the natural scenery of trees and flowers was just beautiful.

Because it was not so busy town and also there is no factories around the village and also not much traffic so that’s why my hometown is free from pollution which makes all the people of town safe from diseases and make their life heathier.

15 July 2020
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