A Description Of My Deepest Fear

A Civilian’s Fear

Early in the morning, I can smell hot tea coming from downstairs. Outside my window, I hear chatter. This usually has something to do with this long and dreadful war. I’m always scared to wake up and find out that we are out of food or our house has been invaded. Every morning I eat breakfast, and go out on this lonely trail. I never see anyone walking on it. The trail is so long it feels like it never ends. My sister and I are really close. Whenever I would head out she worried if i was alright.

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Our village in New York consisted of three things: a small town hall, a food store, and all the houses. Our population was only one hundred and twelve at this point. Confederate regiments raided this town two months ago. When all this happened I was on that trail and was nearly killed! Luckily my instincts told me to jump in the nearby bushes for cover. In the end our weak forces took the remaining soldiers out. I worried that I wouldn’t see my sister or my parents when I would return home. Thankfully they were not hurt. Like my father always said to me, “Always keep an eye out for your surroundings.” That quote ran through my head like a pulse the whole time. We lost three hundred people, all of which were in the comfort of their own home.

I am able to register in the army, but I never had the support to. The village and I are frightened by the draft law that was recently passed. Our village is poor, so none of us can pay are was out of the draft. This war is impacting my family and the rest of the village. We as a village consider ourselves copperheads. We do not support the war, and the president is not fulfilling his job either. Every day I think to myself, “Is this war ever going to be over”? My parents can barely afford food because of the high prices from inflation. Both my parents work in a factory in the nearby town making war supplies. That was the only job they could get. Every new day brings new obstacles. My feelings are constantly changing. Somedays I’m very thankful to be alive, and other days I dread being here. One month are food supplies never came. We were all troubled on what to do. We were out of water and were not able to grow vegetables on the very little farm we had. It was tough without food. The hunger was so bad I thought that my stomach was going to diminish. Our water supplies arrived before the food so we were not dying of thirst. After two weeks the food finally came. It felt good to be full again. Life in this village was hard but we all strived to stay strong. I had my scary moments and happy moments. Living in this village as a small civilian has taught me to face fears, which were war and hunger. My living situation in this small village has been quite a challenge, but I still remain satisfied with my home.

10 September 2019

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