Physical And Mental Violence: Global Issue Of Sex Trafficking

When hearing the word sex trafficking, most individuals instantly think of children and women abroad that are forced to perform sexual acts without their consent. Sex trafficking is similar to slavery where individuals across the world are kept in captivity and receive unwanted intercourse. In today’s society, sex trafficking keeps happening to many individuals; particularly females are targeted more than males. Sex traffickers target women that are jobless or prostitutes. People that are forced into this act are kidnapped and drugged. As a result of this traumatic experience, women receive sexually transmitted diseases and may have to go through pregnancies and or abortions. The purpose of this paper is to understand why sex trafficking is such a global issue with children, men and women. Sex trafficking must be brought to people’s attention, so that we can get help for those who are victims and prevent this act from continuing.

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Sex trafficking involves in different types of race, ages and sexuality. Even though men have a small percentage of men being trafficked, nowadays women and children are the largest group of being trafficked the most by men. Where some men who are poor or rich, purchase women to provide sex services. Sex abuse happens a lot to women and children as well, where “prostitution and sex trafficking of women and girls and is characterized by the exploitation of a human being in exchange for goods or money. Each year, an estimated 800,000 women and children are trafficked across international borders through additional numbers of women and girls are trafficked with countries” (Sexual Exploitation, 2014). Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse. Other sex exploitation includes street prostitution, live entertainment, sex tourism, and much more. Many of this trafficking exploitation is unknown, where most sex trafficking takes place in a suspicious brothel. Yet others can happen in public areas as well such as strip clubs, in the streets, massage salons, and others. Women as well are defenseless to sex traffickers, where women either don’t have jobs or get poorly paid jobs, unemployment which leaves women selling themselves to sex traffickers for money which leaves them feel vulnerable.

Not to mention, many women and girls who are forced to provide sexual activities to men causes long-term physical and mentally injuries to females. Victims who experienced long-term physical injuries with sex trafficking, females experience “…inhumane living conditions, inadequate diet and hygiene, beatings and abuse, neglect, and denial of their basic human rights to health care and protection, resulting in lasting health problems. ” (Yvonne, R 2008). Where most women and girls are forced having unprotected sex, where there are facing an enormous risk of sexual transmitted diseases, pregnancies, AIDS/HIV, abortions and miscarriages. Other victims who experience long-term mental issues, many women and girls experience “emotional trauma associated with removal from their families, homes, and communities; their subsequent encounters involve substantial harm through physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. ” (Yvonne, R 2008). With children who were trafficked experience losing their families and homes at a young age that causes low self-esteem, depression, lonely, anxiety, and much more.

According to Babson college website, Babson introduced the “Initiative on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery. ” Yashomati Goyal a Babson college alumni who graduated from Babson College in 2013 had experience sex trafficking. Goyal states “I was introduced to the fight against sex trafficking my sophomore year, and Babson provided me with a multitude of opportunities to get involved, weather it was through classes, the Clinton Global University, or just providing me with the direction to create an independent research study around the topic. ” Babson College is finding a business solutions, mindsets, and inventions to support and help end modern slavery and the human rights. Where they want to educate and target the present and next-generation business leaders, fighting against human trafficking.

However, there are ways to end sex trafficking and help others who have experienced this issue. Educating schools, colleges, and universities of how important sex trafficking is and how it affects many people physically and mentally can give an idea to them why sex traffickers are dangerous. This will ensure that schools in different areas are aware of sex trafficking and how those people within their own school could possibly be the next victim. Also, taking an action or raising an awareness about sex trafficking, people can take a stand by writing letters to their local newspaper, there politicians, or their city by encouraging them why sex trafficking is an issue mainly women and children Another way to stop sex traffickers, is discipline anyone that are shown as brothel, pimps and sex buyers who manipulates people for their benefits, this way will help someone who is tricked into sex, who are rape, kidnapped and saving someone lives.

To conclude, sex trafficking is such a global issue that happens mainly to women and children, it can also be one of the most profitable trade in the world to those who need their benefits. Where some countries legalized sex trafficking, where other countries allow sex trafficking that are usually not mistreated wrongly. Where those countries do allow sex, trafficking does not have laws that bans their cruel performances. Other countries law exist that enforce not allowing prioritized sex trafficking. In which children, women, and men are being taken away and traded for sex on a daily basis. Where it needs to bring up for attention to people how important it is, where a plan needs to be created to end this and require help for people who have experienced sex trafficking.

Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse summarize the importance of what Human Trafficking is and why sexual exploitation has become a major concern globally. Humans like women and children are usually forced to perform a sexual activity to their traffickers. Where traffickers transport their victims with threats, blackmail, and force. In a result of this, it can cause long term physically and mentally injuries who have experience sex or human trafficking.

Protection from Sexual Exploitation website explain the differences of what sex and human trafficking is, and the types of sex exploitation women and children experience. This website is important because sex exploitation, and trafficking is an extreme violation of female human rights.

This source is useful for the paper because it discusses the importance of human and sex trafficking, and why this is a global issue in today’s world. Where sex trafficking needs a strict rule that it should not be allow and that if it does happen, consequences should occur.

“5 ways you can help stop child sex trafficking,” explains the numbers of countries and states of sex trafficking that happen around the world. Yet there are many ways where people can possibly help someone that could be the next victim while bringing an end to this type of issue.

Some ways to help stop child sex trafficking are educating yourself or others about the importance of sex trafficking. Recognizing the signs, wherever you go could possibly save a victim of sex trafficking, reporting any suspicious there are many resources to help someone who experience sex trafficking or when seeing any suspicious activity. Raising awareness to family or friends, local areas, ensuring that areas are aware of sex trafficking especially children who may be the next victims. Lastly, taking an action is important. Where people need to advocate about sex trafficking, speaking out to others or even standing up to state legislatures about this issue can possibly make a change to people community and city.

This article is important in my paper because there are so many issues with this problem where there are solutions many people do not know about. But if people, follow these solutions and helping others who may be the next victim could save someone.

“The Inititiative on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery” discuss human trafficking and slavery such as sexual exploitation, and force labor. Babson College supports individuals who make a positive impact around the world. Their mission is to help educate present and the next-generation business students globally to change innovative methods for improving human freedom.

An Alumni student at Babson College Yashomati Goyal, experience sex trafficking during her sophomore year and was able to escape and fight the issue. Where Babson College motivate Yashomati Goyal opportunities to get involved with classes such as the Clinton Global University to discuss more about her own research and experience.

Someone who fight sex trafficking shows so much freedom, this is important in my paper because there are ways to end sex trafficking and helping other who have experienced in one. Educating children how important sex trafficking is, can save someone who could be the next victim.

“The Impact of Trafficking on Children: Psychological and Social Policy Perspectives” describe people who are victims of sex trafficking experience physical and mental health problems, on top of that many children who are trafficked are either kidnap or robbed from educational opportunities that’s offered for them.

Victims that are trafficked experience many physical and mentally health such as poor hygiene, abusing, sexually transmitted disease, HIV/AIDS, traumatic when it comes removal from their families, communities and homes that causes many children depression, anxiety, guilt, hopelessness that leads to feelings of self-blame.

10 October 2020

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