A Report On Avian Influenza Or Bird Flu

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Bird flu or avian influenza is a very popular disease of birds, it spreads in a lot of countries, it is a very dangerous disease of not treated efficiently and it also can cause a high mortality to birds. The disease has been known for us for more than a century. Symptoms of Bird Flu: Now I will talk about Birds Flu effect on humans. Humans after getting affected with birds’ flu will start to feel fever and coughing more often than normal people, sore throat. Eye infection and it can reach to a point where it will threaten a human’s life if they don’t see a doctor or take the medication that they must take. The disease is caused by a DNA virus, it’s called “H5N1 Virus”. As we know there are many different subtypes of type A influenza viruses, the differ from the proteins on the surface of the influenza. Scientists know 16 HA subtypes and 9 NA subtypes of influenza viruses. But at the same time there are many different combinations that us “Humans” don not know about because Viruses come in different forms every time, so we can’t exactly know what is in store for us. Human influenza virus usually refers to the subtypes that spread among humans. Till now we only know about three known A subtypes of influenza viruses; (H11N1, H1N2, H3N2) and they are going on rounds on humans, and some genetic parts in humans brought the influenza A viruses from birds and they keep on changing and they might adapt over time to spread on humans.

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Now I will talk about the prevention of bird’s flu. While handling poultry, people must wear gloves and shoes and masks so they don’t get infected and after handling the infected birds, they should use disinfectants after that. And also, workers must avoid mixing between old and new stocks of birds so the influenza won’t come to the new birds, because it can affect other birds through air. And, workers must try to keep the place clean at all times and avoid accumulation of foul matters. Workers must handle migratory birds; they must monitor all the birds in the sanctuary to check if they are sick, blood test the birds to make sure they are well, any sudden death must be reported to the NADEC (Animal Disease Emergency Committee).

Consuming infected bird and their eggs, viruses also can disseminate through the birds feathers also because it’s a virus it can infect people through air. The following people can get infected very easily, those who maintain poultry in houses and people who live near birds’ farms and also those who maintain other domestic birds. According to the World Health Organization, the influenza will continue to be a risk on human sand the disease is very harmful not just for humans, also for other species. Alternately, the currently circulating avian influenza strain could mutate into a form that is easily spread among human beings, which could set off an influenza pandemic. Pandemic typi­cally cause great numbers of disease and death and are accompanied by significant social and economic disruption.

Is it safe to eat poultry and poultry product (e.g., eggs)? Probably. However, it’s sensible to know the explanations behind that conclusion, therefore you’ll be able to re-evaluate at some purpose if things amendment. There are 3 reasons why uptake poultry ought to be safe. First, in terms of the yank food provide, there’s no H5N1 bird respiratory disorder virus within the system at this time. Second, correct preparation can kill the respiratory disorder virus. Third, the respiratory disorder virus in all probability doesn’t infect humans by oral consumption. Some have urged that this is often not noted, however to date there’s no reason to believe it’s infectious orally. On balance, I’m inclined to recommend that this is often not a tangle, a minimum of currently. One amongst the links below is on food questions of safety concerning bird respiratory disorder.

The recent influenza outbreaks in Asia provide a warning that any type A influenza virus has the potential to trigger a pandemic and that avian viruses do not need to reassort with a human virus first, nor do they require an intermediate mammalian host. Although Spanish influenza exacted a frightening toll of victims in 1918–1919, its mortality rate seems to have been lower than the rates reported for the recent H5N1 human influenza in Hong Kong, Vietnam and Thailand. Whether H5N1 viruses will acquire the ability to spread rapidly through human populations is uncertain. Past pandemics indicate that a change in host-cell-receptor specificity, and possibly in other properties of the viral gene products, is required for efficient human-to-human transmission of the virus. If this occurs, and if the virus continues to have such a high mortality rate, the resultant pandemic will have a devastating global impact. Additionally, it is uncertain whether H5N1 viruses will emerge that are resistant to anti-influenza drugs, especially the NA INHIBITORS. Nonetheless, a lack of other options has led to efforts to stockpile these drugs, while work to produce an effective vaccine is underway. Alternatively, one could efficiently prevent a pandemic outbreak by stopping the transmission of H5N1 viruses from poultry to humans. Although national and regional governments have been collaborating on strategies to achieve this goal, the results remain inadequate. The investment of time and money needed to control H5N1 viruses in poultry might seem excessive but could easily be justified in terms of the number of human lives spared.

14 May 2021

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