A Report On Ronald Reagan And His Presidency

My president, Ronald Reagan (Jan twentieth nineteen eighty one - nineteen eighty nine) was the fortieth president of the United States. He was brave and humorous during his presidential term. Ronald Wilson Reagan was born February sixth, nineteen eleven, he died June fifth, two thousand and four from Alzheimer's disease at age ninety three. Ronald was born in Tampico, Illinois. Ronald Reagan’s spouses were Jane Wyman and Nancy Davis. His children with Jane were, Maureen and Michael (adopted). His children with Nancy Davis were Patricia and Ronald.

Ronald got his interest in politics by being an actor in a show “The General Electric Theater” (which is just one of the many shows he has been acting in) as a public relations representative for General Electric and he talked about how too much government control and wasting spending made him get ready for his future political career. Some jobs Ronald had before becoming president was being a lifeguard, a sports announcer, and an actor for Hollywood.

Ronald’s political affiliation was Democrat but but nineteen sixty he was a Republican. Five major events was when Ronald made history by accepting Sandra Day O’connor the first woman to be in the Supreme Court. Secondly, after his presidency he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease for a decade. Third, Ronald died of pneumonia at age ninety three and was recalled to be the oldest president ever. Fourth, he survived an assassination by John Hinckley Jr. who shot luckily, Ronald in the lungs not heart, and joked with his wife saying, “I forgot to duck. ” Lastly, Ronald made peace with United States enemy, Mikhail Gorbachev who after that became the leader of the Soviet Union. Ronald’s public opinion is he accepts more than half of the papers that get sent in.

After Ronald’s presidency, he organized his memoirs and supervising his Presidential Library, until a few years later, he died. His lasting legacies is his Presidential Library, his humor, plus he is still the oldest president of the United States. I reviewed the life and presidency of Ronald Wilson Reagan and found a found a few of little-known facts about him, like while he was a sports announcer, he was working for the Chicago Cubs, he acted in over fifty major movies during his acting career, and his favorite snack was jelly beans, he really loved the famous jelly bean company, Jelly Bellies.

31 October 2020
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