A Story Of A Famous High School Football Player Who Never Got A Chance To Succeed

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The story I’m going to write about has to do with a famous high school football player who never got a chance to succeed. The story goes that a highly talented high school quarterback got rejected by top colleges for his inappropriate behavior. His name was Ricky Collins, he was a top pick for all the division one colleges. Every head coach from all across the country wanted to have Ricky, and they wanted him bad. Ricky was quite the star, even in his town know exactly who he was. Ricky’s only downfall was that he had a bad drinking problem.

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So it all starts on a Friday night, Ricky had just won his last home game of his senior year and was looking forward into going into his last round of high school playoffs. To celebrate his teams win, Collins hosted a huge party and invited all his friends and the whole school to come over and celebrate with him. Ricky was not your average party boy. He loved to get as crazy as he could. Well to start off the night Ricky posted a photo telling everybody he knows to come to his party. The photo mostly consisted of Ricky and a few friends drinking, and also where the party was going to take place. Just in the time span of one hour more than five hundred people were at Collins door. The place was going crazy, everyone living down Ricky’s street could hear the noise. This is where things began to get wild. Ricky, who had been drinking all night was blabbing and blabbing about how he was the greatest Q.B. ever and how he had a full scholarship to go anywhere he wanted. To Ricky’s surprise there were some kids from the school Ricky’s team had beaten that same night, and they wanted revenge. They marched up to Ricky and began shouting at one another until everyone became heated.

Ricky was never one to back down from a fight, and his pride was too high to continue to let this happen. So he swings as hard as he could and knocks one of the guys out cold. Everyone begins to go wild, everyone starts fighting the rest of the group of guys. All while Ricky is in the middle and is the center of attention. He begins to talk bad about the school he had beaten, all while he was still trying to fight. As soon as the situation was under control, Ricky and all his guests continued to party until sun up. The next morning Ricky wakes up outside thrown in his backyard all alone. The place is completely trashed and no one is insight to help. As Ricky stumbles to his feet he begins to check his phone and notices the many phone calls and text messages he had revived while he was still asleep. Unaware of what happened last night Ricky goes inside and sits on the couch. He turns on the TV and begins flipping through the channels. However, he stops as he hears his name.

“Breaking news, local high school star athlete Ricky Collins is no longer an interest to Division one colleges.” A video was posted from last night and showed all the crazy events that took place. As Ricky is watching the crazy video right before his eyes, he gets a phone call. He answers it and to his surprise it’s his head coach, Ricky’s coach then begins to explain how his actions are what cost him to lose everything he had worked so hard to achieve. Ricky begins crying uncontrollably and quickly starts regretting everything he had ever did.

03 December 2019

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