Advantages And Disadvantages Of Private Proxy

Proxies may be distinguished from one another in different ways. Our general discussion here is on paid as opposed to free proxies.

Ultimately, you have to judge a proxy’s effectiveness primarily for your purpose and also for your budget. Why do you need a proxy? In what activities do you intend to engage? How much are you willing to spend? These questions guide you by eliminating certain choices of proxies and making you think much more seriously about others. The fundamental goal is the same with the use of any type of proxy. Under that umbrella goal are the goals of privacy, anonymity, security, avoiding media restrictions, and the bans that accompany censorship regulations. A private proxy is one that is used by one customer at a time. It is exclusive to a single user and is a paid proxy.

A proxy server is a substitute server. It resides between your computer and your favorite websites. So, before you connect to a website, you will be connected to a proxy server. Proxies are used to intercept incoming and outgoing requests to see if it can fulfill the requests itself. It masks your real IP address with the proxy’s IP address. Therefore, the people that you would like to avoid – hackers, criminals and advertisers will not be able to find out your location, your data and the sites that you frequently browse.


The private proxy fulfills the primary goal of a proxy because it successfully helps you to maintain your anonymity. Your real IP address will remain hidden and so will your geographic location. As a result, the threat of hackers is mitigated. This is a pleasant prospect since many of us engage in online financial transactions. However, it is just as important for protecting your personal information and web history. Another important benefit of a private proxy is that there is no compromise on speed for the user. Therefore, functions such as streaming, which requires faster speeds will not be negatively affected. You will be able to fully enjoy your web experiences. A private proxy is arguably the best proxy for achieving your goal of speed.


If your private proxy is compromised by a hacker or an external source, then all data and browsing activity points directly to you.

In the same way that you are dedicated to protecting yourself, there are those who are adamant that they need to break down your barriers. The basic goal of the proxy is to prevent something like this from happening but, there is no guarantee.

Private proxies are popular among web developers and application developers. They are highly recommended for web-based automation services and are also effectively used by email and internet marketers.

With respect to reliability, in comparison to a free proxy, which can suffer bandwidth overload, a private proxy is dedicated to you. The private proxy will not suffer the same fate as the free, public proxy which can cause the proxy server to crash. Adequate bandwidth also positively influences speed performance. Private proxies also afford you technical support. In comparison, there is no equivalent luxury available with free proxies. There is little or no support if you encounter operational problems or if your information was compromised. You are left to resign yourself to the fact that these are the risks involved if you adopt the use of anything free.

The future of private proxies suggests that criminals will continually work to break down the defences that have been established by developers and operators. Private proxies will meet the challenge as well by strengthening their services through more robust protocols and encryption. And users will continue to demand and have choices about which service is best for their particular needs.

03 December 2019
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