A Closer Look at the Advantages of Google Strategy


Google Incorporated was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and has created hundreds of products such as Google Search and YouTube that are used by people across the globe. Backrub was the initial search engine, which later changed to Google, and the company's mission is "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful." In this essay on the advantages of Google, I will explore the reasons why Google has become a household name, including its innovative products and services, user-friendly interfaces, and its mission to organize the world's information and make it accessible to everyone.

Google Inc was officially born in August 1998 when Andy Bechtolsheim invested in it (McFadden, 2018). They then started to grow bigger with an incorporated team, clunky desktop computers, a ping pong table, and blue carpet to keep things colorful. The company continues expanding rapidly with the spirit of doing things differently. The founders-built Google with the idea of work should be challenging but in a fun way. The way of putting user first in the online service is also applied in the company of putting employees first. The company culture is to emphasize on team achievements and individual accomplishment pride that contributed to the company’s success (McFadden, 2018). It is a company with high communicative environment which foster productivity and camaraderie (McFadden, 2018).

Employer Branding

As Parsons (2016) suggest, Lots of Google’s achievement come from talented employees attracting from employer brand particularly in company’s reputation with potentially recruits. All age of group has dissimilar ideas or strategies on excellent employees look like as employer branding could be a complicated navigation concept.

Employer Branding in Google

Google Employee Satisfaction RatingBort, J. (2017) analyze that Female Googler believe extremely on the women opportunities at the company and they love working in Google. From to the data, women rate the company 4.4 compare to men rate 4.2 out of 5 which noticed that women preferably happy and satisfy to work compare to men.

Importance of Employer Branding in Google

Google has been repeatedly topped most in the graph and it’s considered as most favored employer all over the world by encouraging its employee to do cool stuff that matter. For example, employee can assign 10% of their occupied time to the stuff that they really love to do state by Juneja, P. (n.d). There is many importance in employer brand.

Retaining the talent employees

Ray, S. (2017) declares a powerful employer brand causes employee appreciates and being a part of right culture of company is vital. The idea they are working making meaningful and important to their users which increases production multiple times for Google’s employees. If they are encouraged by supervisor to consume healthful lifestyle and work happily, their quality of work and morale increases.

Improve employee engagement

Sonders, M. (n.d) tells allowing flexibility in organization is great as high productivity will be given by employees meaning growth in the performance of company increases. Google had given many benefits for example bowling, pools and gaming space for employees to enjoy those facilities at any time even in middle of work and employees allow to work from home due to emergency or going to swim after meeting to prevent depression.

Treating employees fairly

As Gillett, R. (2016) state by conducting employees fairly as they are encouraged, clarity and trust is about the portion of the employer branding in Google company. Extra benefits like free healthy meals, laundry and fitness facilities and paying parental leave taken by more than 64,000 employees in Google. One Mountain employees View describes Google is “a company that treating employees best and fairly and in exchange obtain encouragement and employees loyalty.”

Pros of Employer Branding in Google. Best culture with fun environment

Having a fun working environment builds trusts, opens, encourages and increases communication and enhances creativity and innovative ideas. enhances learning, productivity and creativity while reducing employee burnout and absenteeism. Google is just a fun place and doesn't feel to work. However, with the perks, environment, and flexibility on where employees can work, Google has managed to create a very creative and enjoyable workplace reveal by Forbes Technology Council, (2018).

Cons of Employer Branding in Google. Poor external communication

External communication strategies to company solution for employee identification influenced by everything from employer branding. Michael (2013) states that, one vital cons of employer branding are Google’s communication complication was book loading. An ethical aim by almost anyone’s quality, Google’s tried to print out of book more available to the public. But Google controlled the process so arrogantly and awkwardly which afraid authors into compare with journalist, a result equal to get wild dogs and cat sit together.


As Google’s mission is to make information universally accessible and useful for the world, they think that a diversified workforce is more representative of the users Diversity (2018). Therefore, they have embraced the approach to diversity and inclusion which sparks new ways and ideas Diversity (2018).

Diversity in Google

Composition Workforce of Google Inc (Google Diversity Annual Report 2018, 2018)Google Inc, a diversified workplace with 30.9% female and 60.1% male globally (Google Diversity Annual Report 2018, 2018). According to the report on race and ethnicity in United State of America, 36.3% of workforce is Asian; 2.5% is Black; 0.3% is Native American; 53.1% is White; 3.6% is Latinx and 4.2% is multiracial (Google Diversity Annual Report 2018, 2018).

Employees and Culture

To create an inclusive Google, Women@ is a program that is encouraging gender equity that empower women in Google by developing, connecting, retaining women talent, and make social impact in communities (Employees & Culture, 2018). Women@ provide female employees the opportunities for networking and mentoring, professional development across 52 countries (Employees & Culture, 2018).

Talent Engagement

To engage talent and expand education, Google provides grade 4-8 diverse student free computer-science classes on the basics of coding called CS First (Talent Engagement, 2018). Classes are conducted by online videos, teacher, coach and community volunteer (Talent Engagement, 2018).


To strengthen community outreach, Google collaborate with Tuck Executive Education called Digital Excellence Program (Communities, 2018). It is to provide tools and training to minority entrepreneurs to develop in this digital economy (Communities, 2018).

Partners and Products

To create inclusive products and support supplier diversity, accelerate with Google which employees are encouraged and equipped to host free events about digital literacy skills relaying the needs of communities which are not represented online (Partners & Products, 2018).

Pros and Cons of Diversity in Google

More Innovation Thinking

Based on research of at least $500 million annual revenue large global organizations, 85% strongly agreed diversity workforce will foster more innovation (Smyth, n.d.). Diversity allow Google to develop new products and services such as web email (Gmail) and website for Internet videos (YouTube). It will also improve their way of delivering services like having different function of cloud storage for businesses and consumers. Also, with different thinking in approaching issues or challenges, there will be more creative answers which can solve them.

Meritocratic Culture

Diversity create an environment where employees can be themselves who demonstrate their own full value (Smyth, n.d.). They will be encouraged to do their best regardless of race, disability or gender. The culture will provide employees opportunities to progress, promotion and rewards according to their performances. In Google, they always implement the best ideas being unbiased which developed many good products and services.

Difficult in Transitioning

In a diversified workforce, cultural difference can collide and cause misinterpretations of things. Some things can have different meanings in different cultures, it might be good in one but disrespectful in another. To bond diversified employees, Google have programs like Asian Googlers Network which support multicultural community by celebrating events such as Lunar New Year (Employees & Culture, 2018) which bridge the communication among employees.

Benefits and Reward Programs

Rewards are the way of employer’s praise and recognition of employee’s personal contribution. Johnson, (2017) state that rewards play an important role not only in encouraging positive behavior, but also in consolidating workplace values. In addition, benefits are the part of supplements salary but its non-wage compensation. If you increase your benefits, you will be able to motivate, retain and attract more capable employees (Editorial, 2014).


In terms of benefits, Google is a very qualified company. Google prefers 401(k) rather than providing a fixed-welfare pension for employees (Stabile, 2008). Google also has a stock-based compensation program for all employees who have access to stock or stock options. Unlike other companies on the market, Google is responsible for almost all its employees' medical expenses, while Google also offers different insurance for its employees. Google has two very prominent benefit employee approaches, "beyond the base" and "far beyond the base" (Stabile, 2008).

Beyond the Base

Beyond the Basics have three elements, the first one is family friendly options, the description of example which are one-site childcare and back-up childcare (Stabile, 2008). The second one is the parents who have new baby, the first month google will give them high subsidy. Finally, Google has a high education reward gold to encourage education.

Far Beyond the Base

Google has 11 themed restaurants to choose from and offers free three meals, all made with healthy ingredients such as organic produce (Stabile, 2008). In addition, Google also offers a gym, swimming pool and other venues for sports. And for Google’s competitor, Facebook also has some benefit for their employees. As with Google, they also benefit employees in terms of health, family and environment. But Facebook has something different, Facebook gives the holidays to employees at their discretion, which allows employees to enjoy the holidays when they need them.

In addition, Facebook provides employees with tools and resources to improve their careers. Finally, Facebook will also organize groups for employees to get better friendships. For recommendation, google maybe can provide the holiday in the free vacation, so that the employees can go for vacation whenever they like. And google also can give their employees chance to improve themselves, through that way can also improve work efficiency.


Google has four main rewards methods for their employees:

Spot-Bonus program

Managers can choose the rewards that the employees want, such as two tickets to a concert. And according to the surveys, 66 percent employees like this kind of rewards (Alderton, 2018).

No name program

This program is designed for the executives. It aloud the outstanding team go for trips. And it is a good way to makes them closer.

Peer Bonus

The employees can nominate their peers some money according to the compensation groups finding.

Kudos rewarding system

This system lets employees send them appreciate to their colleagues online and no need to go through approval process. And the employees’ kudos can accumulate, and they can exchange to the “rewards catalog”. The employees can select the items they really like (Sheriff, 2018).

According to Glass door’s survey, Facebook is now the best place to work in the United States. Facebook advocates "the overall approach to benefits and rewards" (Cain, 2017). At the job site, Facebook focuses on several different areas, including health, family, community, finance and convenience. They provide employees with 21 days of paid vacations for full-time employees, which helps Facebook retain and recruit more talent. At the Menlo Park headquarters, Facebook also has a free electric car charging station and valet parking (Cain, 2017). For recommendation, google can have some paid vacation for their employees and some free details in employees’ life.


Enhancing the level of employee retention is one of the toughest challenges being confront by hiring managers to retain the talent they have so tactically selected from huge number of competitors. However, companies frequently fall short of conveyance measures to ensure employees to stay in the company for a long period. In turn, they expect company loyalty from their employees, without officially committing to providing job security or professional development. As a result, employees begin to scout the market for new openings, where they hope to receive higher returns in terms of employee benefits.

According to Gallup reports, there were one-third of U.S. employees been engaged in their jobs and workplace for past 15 years but across the world, there were only thirteen percent of U.S. employees working for organizations are engaged in their work (Ray,2017). In conclusion, the company chief executive officer, senior recruiter’s and general managers of leading companies such as google have planned to introduce some measures to prevent their employees from leave their companies.

Improvements on Google Strategies

Employer branding

Dishman L. (2017) discuss that Google did not ranked among the top as Amazon companies because google company logged a 50 percent loss in retaining talent from gender perspectives over last year. As a result, Dishman L. (2017) suggest that Google companies need to pay attention for male and female through compensation strategies, human resource practice and treatment of employees to retain their employees.

Employer Diversity

According to Dishman L. (2017) had reported there were about 61 percent of female workers didn’t seem to feel all that badly about their employers in light of labor department’s suit that charges the company with extreme discrimination against women but it is an important matter that should be consider by recommending expanding the chief diversity role to create an employee diversity board and having employees undergo implicit-bias training.

Employer Benefits and Rewards Program

Loos S. (2017) suggest that google company must follow few tribes as Facebook although various benefits and rewards program being given to their employees. Thus, google must be more structured by giving their employees more freedom in cater their strength and encouraged to questioned and criticized the manager. Besides that, Glassdoor (2017) also have observed and presented that google company must also realize that money is not a way to boost employees happiness, but job satisfaction is important factor to be considered in employees.

Meaningful Work

According to Goodman D. (2017), there were 81 percent of Facebook employees have agreed that their work make the world a better place compared to Google company there were only 61 percent of employees agreed with it. Hence, the suggestions for google company is the employees should start adopting their work to make the world a better place by used certain plan to do the work that will be meaningful. Furthermore, the employees also must motivate by their managers and google company also should begin to practice high road human resource management policies therefore the morale value could remain high, quality of workplace will be improved, and productivity will be increases through their users.

Employee Turnover

From the google research, there have observed and found out that managers had cause greater impact on employees performance than other factor (Dr.Sullivan J., 2016). Based on the comparison between Facebook and google, Facebook employee received best paid as they also feel it bring low work stress and increase the satisfaction level of employers while google company just meet the satisfaction level with 81 percent (Stych A., 2017). In a result of this case, the google companies should identified a solution that relate to fixing or firing the weak managers since there are worst at preventing employee turnover because the managers do not realize its value and never been trained in retention.


Overall, it recommended that our proposal incorporates both Human Resource Management theories and perspectives, as well as market-researched information based on google company.

Human Resource Theories or Perspective of Google

Based on the analysis, the suitable human resource perspectives that been used is System Perspectives in Human Resource Management. This is because the google company strength determined that they have high dominance in web search, video content sharing, online advertising, mobile operating system, browser usage and many other markets which help their company to boost their productivity and sales which also cause them to earn high profit at about 12 billion (Jurevicius O., 2018).

Moreover, behavioral perspectives also play an important role in Human Resource Management. The google company is very vulnerable in digital advertising market where increases competition, query growth rate, the evolution of the online advertising market, change in advertising offerings, advertising trends and user preference (Jurevicius O., 2018).

Real Life Examples of Practices

Employees at American companies have lack of sleep cost the companies about $63 billion annually lost in their productivity. This should not be followed by Google company but must encourage napping in the workplace for employees as an innovative human resource practice in the companies, therefore it helps improve concentration of employees, productivity and reduce anxiety of employees (Van Der Hoop J., 2016).

18 March 2020
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