Advantages Of A Small Team

Companies determine team sizes by goals set out by the company, task types and development strategies. Starbucks heavily tells us that having a small team of staff at each branch is extremely important. Starbucks usually has 3-6 employees per branch. Having such a small team makes communication amongst the staff more efficient. It also gives the employees a better chance to get to know one another, getting to know their strengths and weaknesses as well as what they like to do on their free time. When having a small team, it minimizes the chances of chaos, there is an affluent flow amongst the workers which improves customer satisfaction and there is less conflict.

Starbucks manages to keep good relationships between their managers and employees by treating everyone as equal. Starbucks managers call each employee a ‘partner’ which makes everyone inclusive and everyone treated equivalent. Managers make sure that treat every single employee with the same amount of respect. Managers also communicate with employees through a channel. Starbucks keeps good relationships with staff and managers by making sure everyone is working together, making sure everyone understands their role while working, everyone gets the shift that they want to work, and make sure that their employees are the most important part in making the branch successful.

Everyone has different opinions and goals and Starbucks listens to that attentively. Three things that new teams at new branches might find challenging when setting out with their new projects and goals together can be different opinions or beliefs, different work ethic and pace of employee. Each employee has a different opinion or belief on how a company should work. This may lead to arguments, disagreements and sometimes can result in a loss of job. In order to avoid this, communication amongst the staff is key and vital so this does not happen.

All employees work differently. Some work at a fast efficient past and some do not. This can lead to longer lines, longer waiting times for their order to be given to the customer which can cause many disputes. In order to avoid this, all employees need to pitch in the same amount of effort in order for the branch to run smoothly. The three principles that Starbucks implements in motivating their employees are equal treatment, listen to employees and good welfare measures.

Equal treatment is making sure every employee is treated with the same amount of respect towards the managers, other employees and its customers. Listening to employees can lead to motivating other employees so they can focus properly on their job. Managers want every employee to help design new plans so they can achieve new goals. This shows that there are no boundaries of what the managers can think of employee’s opinions. Good welfare measures allow all Starbucks employees to have medical insurance, discounts at Starbucks shops, and many welfares to the amount of hours they work.

11 February 2020
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