Analysis And Evaluation Of The Article Companies Rethink The Annual Pay Raise By Dana Wilkie

Article Summary

The article talks about how even though the minimum wage is stagnant some companies do not let that deter them from paying their employees what they work for. The article also states how business leaders need to realize that pay is one of the top important incentives for employees.

Information is also provided about banks increasing their minimum wage, how raising the minimum will not be enough, and the importance of letting employees know how they are being payed and why to create more job satisfaction.

Article Analysis

Working at Pacific Islands Club I understand first-hand how hard it is to get a raise. I have been working with the company for 4 years now and are under new management. Now that we have a new boss she is starting to implement the evaluation process and a proposal for our raises. Pay is a motivator for me and the goal is to do my best and hopefully move up the ladder.

Not knowing if I will receive an increase is somewhat discouraging because I feel I put more work in and take on more responsibility and we have not even discussed the possibilities of moving up in our department. They do offer some performance incentives, so it kind of evens out and it leaves me not feeling so bad about not getting a higher wage.

Article Evaluation

Author Credibility 30/30 - I allotted full credit for the author credibility because Dana Wilkie was easy to search up on. As soon as I typed her name in multiple pages popped up right away. She is an online manager and editor for employee relations and she has bachelor’s in journalism and a master’s in literature.

She also has a background listing of her previous jobs provided on the SHRM website. From there, her contact information linked to other platforms is also available for those who want to get in touch with her.

Information and Content 20/30 - The information provided was awesome and informative, although I deducted 10 points because the content did not fully grasp the idea of pay being a motivating driver for employees. There were areas and certain comments that were quoted in the article that pertained to the idea I was going towards. In my research that was what I observed and ended up focusing and that specific aspect.

Structure and Format 20/20 - I provided full credit to structure and format because the SHRM site did a great job at breaking down the article visually. Topics were presented in bold fonts to distinguish what exactly each section would be describing. The sentence structure was easy to read, but professionally written. I also learned other valuable information besides what I originally planned on researching.

Site and Access 10/10 - I always give full credit to the SHRM website because it is an awesome reputable source. I also make it a point to start my searches off with that site because I usually find what I am looking for. Among other things, the site is easy to navigate. I am also a national member, so there are other tools and resources available on that site that are useful to me.

Purpose and other 5/10 - I deducted 5 pointed from purpose and other because the article I chose did not fully grasp the concept of the point I was trying to reach. I was trying to achieve this idea that wages act as a motivator for employees. The article touches on the importance of wages to employees and it was because of this statement that I decided to follow through with choosing this article.

03 December 2019
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