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Analysis Of Cultures Being Upturned

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Of the many things available for discovery by an anthropologist in our class, there are many significant points that would stand out such as the differing perspectives upon an issue such as Tattoos when it comes to people of different cultures. For example the cultural and religious beliefs of one individual of a more eastern culture may not conform to the beliefs and ethics of a western or European culture in many different aspects. The anthropologist might observe that religion is just as big of a factor as culture when it came to our opinions through out the discussions. They might also observe that even though the Canadian “citizens” parent’s are immigrants many of their personal beliefs conform to the western standards of culture. Of all the things that could have even a minuscule impact on this, technology is the greatest factor in how beliefs, ethics and Morals change when it comes to the issue of culture. The ultimate I have a dream would be to have all of these different Cultures co-existing with each other in perfect harmony and in some instances even making each other better. Now not to create any offense but by better I am using a utilitarian logic that interprets the word better in this context as the most beneficial for the most amount of people.

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The greatest example of Culture being upturned would be the industrial revolution, because that was the one time period where many many many new technologies showed up and completely upturned the traditional methods of completing many tasks such as farming. With this important change of methods of completing work through the use of machinery many customary social structures and thus culture faced a plethora of changes. Farmers no longer had to employ many people to help with the harvest when one machine could do all the work for them. This led to other individuals of the society needing to become technicians for the machinery. A prime example of this upturn of culture and the mindset of the youth would be the Russian Revolution spear headed by the legend himself; Vladimir Lenin.

Whats interesting to notice that the industrial revolution occurred from 1760 to 1840 and once there was the opportunity for the owners of these industrial machines to take advantage of workers, and once this was realized by great men such as Lenin, they had the time to contemplate and reflect and realize that people were being abused by those with more money and that the culture had been completely upturned and that the customary roles were completely upturned. With the passion of this Realization they ignited the spark that the proletariat needed to overthrow the abusive Tsarist Government and establish a nation of equality and brotherhood. Before the Industrial revolution the majority of people were of the same status and this could not necessarily lead to the situation for people to take advantage of each other whereas they could very much do so in an industrially powered society. This however becomes paradoxically interesting in the context that after the Soviet Union was established Joseph Stalin rapidly industrialized the country based on his beliefs in Marxist principles of equality.

This is also why I have come to admire the culture of the Cuban People, no matter how much oppression that they faced from American Imperialism, they and their culture stayed strong in the face of such threats and it was their strong Hispanic culture that carried them through very tough times. Culture is very important and don’t you forget it you Canadian anthropologist at our group, you!

29 April 2020

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