Analysis Of My Skills In Terms Of Edwin Ghiselli’S Six Traits Important For Effective Leadership

The six theory traits of Mr. Ghiselli are:

  1. Supervisory abilities,
  2. Need for occupational achievement,
  3. Intelligence,
  4. Decisiveness,
  5. Self-assurance,
  6. Initiative.

Supervisory ability is an important trait to have in an organization or in any situation. Upon entering into an organization one must know how to communicate well with others to be an effective leader. Effective leaders take charge of the tasks that need to be done on a daily basis, while attending meetings, and other duties that may be assigned by the managers. They know how to speak to the team. The supervisory leader will lead the team into the day, giving specific instructions on what needs to be done and how it will be done, giving the team the specifics on what expectations are to be met.

Who? What? Where? And when? Of the task that is being delegated. Need for occupational achievement depends on what kind of career you are in, or what type of career you may be working on to achieve. If a person is at a job where they see no career advancement they may not be putting their best foot forward. It feels good to get praise for a job well done. It gives one the opportunity so show that you are able to handle responsibilities and are ready for more complex tasks. I believe everyone has intelligence, the question is do we use it accordingly? For any position in the workforce one must use good judgement from time to time. When it is to be used depends on the circumstances at hand, what is the reasoning behind the decision? What is the initial outcome that you want? Thinking about the situation is a good way to deal with it, not making a common mistake, and jump into a decision that could hurt the company, as well as your reputation. Being decisive is a good trait, quick thinking and decision making is a way one uses intelligence.

However it depends on the situation, one may have time to think a decision over, but when it comes to a quick response one must gather all the information at hand and come to a conclusion at that moment to be decisive will solve the problem. Self-assurance is being sure of one’s self and having confidence in making decisions that are in the best interest of others. One can be a role model by displaying this trait. Knowing how to deal with problems that are easy or complex shows self-discipline. Taking initiative goes along with all the above. Able to make quick judgement calls with no one’s input is a great ability to have, take charge of what needs to be done and doing it is a great trait that can lead you to a supervisory role. I am all of the above, I don’t wait around for someone to tell me what needs to be done, once I know my position I seek to find faster easier, and efficient ways to do the tasks. I am able to delegate assignments, I am doing my best for self-motivation and improvement. I am intelligent, decisive, I am sure of myself when making decisions. I take the initiative when no one else wants to.

15 April 2020
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