Analysis Of Pepsi's Super Bowl Commercial Campaign

The Super Bowl is said to be one of most watched TV in the history of America. It has been here for a very long time and it is where two major leagues compete after they have won the conferences. Correspondingly, many companies suppress the scrutiny of the many audience watching the super Bowl making the commercials be watched more than the Super Bowl itself. Many of these ads not only showcase the benefits of their product, but also appeal to damage. Vast majority of the people undoubtedly can help these companies sell their products through seeking the benefits of it all. Pepsi is noted for its apt, distinguished-filled super bowl ads and this year’s ad wasn’t an exclusion.

For a very long time, Pepsi and Coca-Cola have been rivals and in the city of Atlanta Coca-Cola runs the show. Yet, Pepsi sponsored the Super bowl and brought out prominent people like Cardi B., Steve Carell, and Lil Jon. To many advertisers enumerations of the crowd when promoting their brand is an essential to precisely deliver to their enumerations. How much their brand is selling for along with the cost to air their ads on the super bowl is also very important to the advertisers. This Year Super bowl commercials made very little to no critique on politics and substantial on the celeb who were the spokesperson. Pepsi played it safe with this years commercial not adding any controversial narration, only focusing on the main point that they were trying to get across which was Pepsi is better than Coca-Cola. Pepsi was Implying that you can never go wrong when it comes to it. To people the ad was mainly about the simple message they were trying to get across still there is more to it than just being ok. There's a greater meaning behind it all. Pepsi also sponsored the halftime show this year. Cardi B. exemplifies the present pop culture where as Steve Carell, and Lil Jon exemplify the past pop culture. Cardi B. and Lil Jon are both rappers, but Cardi is the most influential. Whereas, Carell who is a comedian/actor/writer/director and also highly know from the show “The Office.” Cardi brings in a younger audience, Lil Jon and Steve Carell apply to different age groups all at once.

Cardi is on of the outstanding entertainers in the industry who attracts younger age groups through her music which are top hits, she is also the best female rappers of the century. Not to mention, people can easily relate to her because she portrays that she also goes through the same thing other people go through unlike the other celebrities who make everything look picture perfect. On the other hand, Carell is well known for his role of gaffe-prone boss Michael Scott on the American interpretation of the office. Lil Jon was the leading man of the group who went multi-platinum. Lil Jon was also a Dj based in Atlanta, well known for his implementing and endorsing a technique of hip-pop called “crunk.” This commercial starts off with a diner waiter asking a patron granted that “Pepsi was ok” attributed to the fact that Coca-Cola is an exceptional choice, where Steve Carell comes to Pepsi’s defense and ask all these questions; “Is a shooting star ok? Are puppies ok? Is the laughter of a small child ok?” Shortly, Lil Jon pitch in with an “Ok” subsequently Cardi B traipse in with a glitz jacket and a fearless “OKURRR” then Carell end it with “I gotta come up with my own catchphrase.”

By adding these celebrities Pepsi thought they can ad a sense of humor in the commercial and draw people's attention towards it so they can highly profit. The diner appeals mostly to families, the elderly and police officers. The setting of the diner was very appealing and very bright. It had bright colors like red which could relate back to the red on the logo of the Pepsi. The customers at the diner were of all age group except for little kids. Cardi’s outfit and nails matched the Pepsi can which was sparkly and blue/red/white. The waiter asks a lady if pepsi was a ok and Carell quickly comes to Pepsi’s defense and for a second takes the role of the waitress to show how it’s like to be in a customer's position. This is implying the simple fact that Pepsi is more than ok. Similarly, in the extended ad a customer asks if he could have Coca-Cola, but the waitress asked if Pepsi was ok. Right away Cardi chimes in and says “Excuse me, did you just ask if Pepsi is OKURRR, of course Pepsi is OKURRR” still suggesting the fact that Pepsi is more than ok. The diner was filled with more people, it was darker outside, and everyone seems to be engaged in the conversation between the waitress, the customer and Cardi, not to mention the pigeons outside the diner. Acknowledging Coke in the ad was all worthwhile because Coca-Cola is pepsi's biggest competitor. Through this ad pepsi is trying to get across more than what people are seeing, which is the upswing of consciousness. The sparkle on the Pepsi can draw the attention of the audience, while the song playing in the background “I Like it” by Cardi B. adds a positive auditory reinforcement because it displays that Pepsi is likeable. The sparkles on the can match Cardi’s outfit and her nails which adds in a more significance to it. Adding the little details in the commercial causes people to buy pepsi more than coke because the ad is showing that Pepsi is exceptional. Basically, illustrating that Pepsi tastes better and the can looks better. The ad is trying to portray that Pepsi is higher than average. The Logo of pepsi points out to the American flag. In this ad, the colors that are represented by Pepsi are worn by the three celebs. Towards the end when everyone agrees to have a pepsi it adds in a positive connotation to justify that drinking Pepsi is further than just ok.

Generally speaking, for quite awhile, Pepsi and Coca-Cola have been contenders and in the city of Atlanta Coca-Cola runs the show. Yet, Pepsi sponsored the Super bowl and brought out notable people like Cardi B., Steve Carell, and Lil Jon. The ad wanted to vindicate that Pepsi is more than ok. I agree that Pepsi is more than ok and prefer it more than coke. Simply, the ad is suggesting that you shouldn’t ask if “Pepsi is ok.” The catchphrases and the celebs all brought in the same perception of the meaning behind the ad through humor. The customers indicating that they wanted coke benefits the company and the customers switching to pepsi also shades coke in a way that is not very noticeable but also a little bit noticeable.

01 February 2021
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