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Analysis Of Self-Esteem In Different Aspects

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Self-esteem is defined as the perception of a person towards his or herself. It is an aim and means in the field of developing the identity of an individual with low self-esteem, those scuffling with temperament issues and social derision, want for top vanity or a meaningful sense of self that is used to achieve more goals and aspirations. According to Lew & Harklau, 2018, self-esteem is frequently invoked in learned literature and widespread belief particularly to the tutorial accomplishment in migrant youth. In Piskin, 2014, p.171-194, states that self-esteem measures the arrogance of an individual as well as the way they envision their self-worth. It involves several aspects such as age, gender, adolescent stage, and socio-economic standing. The researchers were able to comprehend the vanity level of the individual by viewing the distinction between those aspects. However, the individual think about oneself and therefore the self they’d prefer to be.

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Self-esteem among males and females

Self-esteem in girls are currently appears captivated with however they assume they give the impression of being. Many ladies check the scales many times each day as if which will build a distinction. This a sort of obsession. Girls are additional sad with the looks of their bodies than men. “I’m fat, short, and skinny” – these are opinions you will hold and are presumably not true. However people who are fat and happy et al. who are slim and sad or the opinion of your body will cause you to own terribly low vanity and certainty.

Men worry concerning however tall, sturdy or massive they’re. The worst factor for men is maybe being short. They believe the tall, dark, handsome story. Most men can suffer low vanity if they assume they’re short or too skinny. Like women, these men will become obsessed. According to Grogan (2016), several men wish to be like society portrays the perfect man, slender and muscular. If somebody thinks they’re too skinny or too fat, or week wanting, this may cause issues with body image and an ensuing low level of vanity. In a longitudinal study examined by Block and Robins (2008), about the developmental changes in self-esteem from early adolescence through late adolescence to early adulthood shows that the self-esteem of males increased and females decreased over a period of time. Male and female with high self-esteem have completely different personality characteristics in early adolescence and early adulthood.

Self-esteem among adolescents

Physical and emotional changes occur in adolescence stage particularly in early adolescence that affects a child’s self-esteem. Parental attachment, peers and academic performance are some factors that can affect the self-esteem of an individual as they reached the adolescence stage. Parental attachment boost the adolescents’ self-worth, self-esteem, trust and security. The parents can introduce an approving connection with the adolescent in a number of ways like psychological, physical and social interaction. These interactions thought to contribute a lot of attachments than responses to the adolescent physical needs. The more social interactions parent has with an adolescent, the more likely it is that an attachment will form, and the more loveable the adolescent feel. Parental attachment is important to the building of self-esteem.

In this present study to assess the parental attachment and self-esteem, modified Kenny Parental Attachment Questionnaire and Immanuel Thomas Self-Esteem Inventory used. The results revealed that among 100 adolescents, 9(9%) had moderate parental attachment, 42(42%) had much parental attachment, and 49(49%) had very much parental attachment. There was a statistically significant association between the parental attachment with Age (p=0.020), Gender (p=0.000), participants educational standard (p=0.050). And among 100 adolescents, 5(5%) had low self-esteem, 32(32%) had average self-esteem, and 63(63%) had high self- esteem. There was a statistically significant association between the self-esteem with Age (p=0.050), participants educational standard (p=0.049) pocket money/ month (p=0.013). There was a positive correlation coefficient (r) between the parental attachment and self-esteem r = 0.612 at p=0.000 level.

Self-esteem among peers

Peers affect the development of self-esteem among adolescence. A study that evaluates the effect of a planned series of activity sessions on positive peer relationship and self-esteem among adolescent students using pre experimental design was conducted. Simple random technique, Peer Relation Scale and the Rosenberg’s Self-Esteem Inventory were used to gather information. The respondents participated in the planned series of activity in eight different sessions. The study showed that the subjects developed high positive peer relation and self-esteem after participation in the activities and it was also figured out that there was a positive correlation between the level of positive peer relation and self-esteem of the adolescents.

Self-esteem to academic performance

A research that reports on a 5-yearlong ethnographical case study investigates the academic path of a college-bound Latino adolescent in one south-eastern U.S. new migrant community within which the student’s high shallowness seemed to have a negative influence on tutorial accomplishment. The research traces however high shallowness can affect the scholar to disregard feedback relating to his tutorial performance and focus his attention instead on excelling in extracurricular pursuits, significantly athletics. The research conjointly finds that educators gave mixed messages regarding accomplishment that bolstered the student’s high shallowness however contributed to low tutorial expectations and outcomes. In all, it suggests the necessity to analyze the assumed link between high shallowness and tutorial accomplishment in migrant youth and to contemplate individual variations.

11 February 2020

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