Analysis Of The Advertisements With The Same Goal: The Old Spice And The Dior

Advertisements are used by companies to convince consumers that their product is the best on the market by appealing to their audiences. Advertisers do this by presenting their products in a way that will make it seem like a need for their targeted audiences. The Old Spice ad uses visuals to appeal to the viewer’s idea of what a woman wants her significant other to become. In the Dior ad the actor is shown trying to seduce a man who has shown interest in her, but she shows how the perfume is giving a newfound confidence that makes her irresistible and poisonous. Generally, both ads are being used to target people in a way that is different from their competitors. These two ads both aim to establish their product or brand as supreme by using interesting techniques and alluring actors.

The ad titled Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like is used to target young, straight women who are in relationships. The advertiser seems to believe that these women want their partners to be the epitome of a man such as having a deep voice and a muscular body. By using this actor, the advertisers are targeting women who want their significant others to, in a sense, evolve into the perfect man. These Old Spice ads are part of a larger marketing deal which is a collection of multiple commercials that portray men in the best form. These ads are in multiple magazines and billboards across the country which makes it easy to reach many different people. These ads are very high-cost and high quality with most of the pictures used being elaborate in relation to the special effects and the scenes that are used.

The goal of this ad is to make the audience question their choices and lifestyle in the moment that they are watching it. The advertisers are trying to ensure the consumers of their brand and its qualities. By creating ads that put men in a creative, but high and powerful level Old Spice advertisers are able to develop a theme and belief around their products. They have created a belief among their consumers that their products will make men reach their full potential and essentially achieve greatness by using Old Spice products. This commercial also uses the mirror and windows strategy to convince women that they need to tell their significant others to buy this product. The actor uses action words that makes the viewer do the action or at least think upon the situation the actor is describing. He tells the audience to “look at [your] man, now look at [me]” multiple times as to make the audience compare the current state of their partner to the state of the actor as a means to get them to change their partner into the actor. The ad also includes slight insults to the regular man such as saying that they use women’s scented body soap but says that if he switches soap then he can “smell like me”. It makes the women think about what she hopes her significant other will become and realizes that this is the way to make it happen. By using comparisons like smell between the regular man and the actor the audience is being deceived into think that if their partner smells like the man in the ad then he will inadvertently change into the man in the ad. The goal of this ad was to convince women that this product would make their significant other become what the company believes to be the ideal man.

The second ad titled Dior Poison Girl: The New Fragrance is aimed at young women who may have low self-esteem or are looking for a way to gain more attention from men. This ad has been featured in magazines and commercials, so it is a high-cost ad and it is part of the many advertisements that Dior has created to reach a global audience. The goal of this ad is to make women feel in control in every situation, giving them confidence and power. The man in this commercial is a pawn and the woman is the player. Dior ads put women in the spotlight and as a result makes them the prime focus. This ad appeals to young women who might be insecure when it comes to gaining attention from potential partners. It shows a correlation between confidence and the use of the perfume which makes the consumer believe it is the reason the reason is gaining the attention of the actor. By using scenes that portray sexual interest between the actors the creators can convey a message that revolves around the use and importance of the perfume. They don’t use any dialogue between the actors so there is a lot of room for interpretation and it’s easy for the viewer to put themselves in the position. By seeing how the actor’s behavior shifts due to the perfume used in the ad gives the viewer hope that they could shift the behavior between themselves and others in the same way.

These advertisements both use very similar elements and techniques, but also differ from each other in some ways. For example, they both use attractive actors to represent their product instead of using average looking actors to evoke thoughts among the audience. Since the actors are good looking than the audience will associate the actors with the product they represent. The Old Spice ad differs because it uses a male actor unlike the Dior ad which uses a female actress. Both ads used minimal clothing as to show of the actor’s physique which both match the beauty standards for men and women in present society. The Dior ad is a bit more suggestive compared to the Old Spice ad, but they both attempt to win over the attention of women. The Old Spice ad is full of quick scenes and parts that make it humorous and more appealing, but the Dior ad instead is serious and more mature. The Old Spice uses props and words to get their message across to the viewers by making the audience think and look they captured their attention and made them focus on the product. Since the Dior ad didn’t include words the ad relied on the facial expressions and nonverbal cues between the actors to portray their thoughts and the product. By watching the ad, the viewer could see that the chemistry and tension between both the actors in a way that made it look like the use of the product had everything to do with it.

Overall these companies have gained attention and their products are used globally by millions of people and these ads have helped them achieve that. By using attractive actors, verbal and nonverbal expressions, and interesting storylines and scenes these ads have portrayed their products to be perceived as the best on the market. By using alethically pleasing actors the creators have successfully created a correlation between the actor’s actions and the product. The expressions between the actors allowed for a storyline to develop and in doing so explained the value of the products that’s the companies are trying to sell. The scenes in the Old Spice ad for example were quick and intriguing which kept the viewer interested unlike the Dior ad which used more movie like scenes which led up to the climax of the ad. Overall, these ads have used methods that have made product sales increase and connected with the targeted audience.

13 January 2020
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