Analysis Of The Article, "Globalization & Human Trafficking" By Devin Brewer

The skills and strategies which I applied to read this article was that I first read the article. By reading the article first time I got little idea what is it about. The words which were difficult for me to understand I searched its meaning in dictionary which helped me a lot to understand article half way. I read the article 2-3 times loud to understand article better, and underlined the important points which I wanted to include in my summary. After making key points I made a research regarding the article, tried to understand some difficult words in my own language which made the reading easy for me. I had to do a lot of research related to author, his qualification, his works to write critical reading of the article, which was really a very difficult task.

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As per the article, “Globalization and Human trafficking” by Devin Brewer Innocent people being victims of human trafficking to increase economic growth of world’’ In the article globalization and human trafficking the author has reported trafficking of women and children and how innocent people are tricked and forced to become sex slaves. He describes that how trade of sex is spreading worldwide. It has shown negative side of globalization and economic growth in which sec trade is done. The article includes examples how human trafficking can be brought under control. Human trafficking is a rising concern which involves trade of human for various purposes like sex, slavery and forced labor. It is very unfortunate that even with developing technologies and security systems around the world there is ever increasing trade of especially women and children mostly from developing countries.

According to the International Labor Organization around millions of people are victims of trafficking. Basically author says that root cause of human trafficking is poverty. Developing countries use women and children as their investment, sell them for prostitution and slavery at very less money to developed countries. The money they get from developed countries increases economy of the developing country. All this happens because of globalization, globalization increases more number of criminals and criminal activities. World’s economy increases due to globalization. The needy people mostly become victims as they easily get attracted to the fake advertisements regarding jobs posted by predators and victims get trapped in their tricks. Many preventive measures and protection measures are taken to remove the root cause of trafficking like giving education, anti-trafficking laws enforcement, but still predators always play safe and stay one step ahead of laws. They are having such a strong network that they don’t get easily caught and human trafficking continues.

The author is Devin brewer, there is no such detail found on internet regarding the author. It shows that this is a scholarly article written by student of Denver University. Only Masters and PHD program students can write scholarly article. The writers work is published by University of Denver under Tropical Research digest: Human rights and Human welfare. Human rights and Human welfare is an online journal of academic literature. Yes definitely the author has written for a reputed organization. According to my research the author is not specially associated with any group or company the purpose of him writing this article might be his study in field of literature in order to complete his research paper and studies. Yes the author has used credible sources to support his purpose. He has mentioned about the journalist Vanessa Baird who works for New Internationalist.

After completion of article the author wants reader to think about the globalization and human trafficking matter seriously, how to stop human trafficking. He wants readers to feel that the world is getting brutal in order to gain world’s economic growth. Predators force women and children in slavery and trade of sex for earning money. Firstly professors, students & staff of Denver university are audiences of author after the publication of such scholarly article we readers and researchers related to same topic are audience to author. This topic is related to human rights and human welfare which is really a serious topic related to audience. It is a matter which is related socially to every one living in society that how due to globalization there is increase in economy and human trafficking.

Some serious measures should be taken to reduce human trafficking. I would definitely use this article for awareness purpose. I want people to live a safe life, where they are not forced to do sex slavery for earning money. Even if we are getting globalized and economy is increasing, human trafficking should be removed from roots. Getting globally accepting is good, economy increased but not at cost of some one’s life and self-respect. The trade of sex and slavery should be stopped at any cost. At such a moment it’s not important to think about economic growth but world’s safety and human welfare.

01 April 2020

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