Poiema Foundation vs Trafficking

Trafficking in individuals is anything but another wonder, particularly that of young ladies. Generally, sex trafficking has taken numerous structures, in any case, with regards to globalization it has taken in another and gained stunning measurement. A sex trafficking is a type of cutting edge servitude, a malevolence executed against mankind especially ladies. In most creating countries, because of the level of destitution, sex trafficking has turned out to be different necessary chore for a few people. Traffickers are making a huge number of dollars by misusing helpless young ladies and frantic ladies. The sex trafficking marvel is for the most part parallel the world over; young ladies and blameless young ladies are the people in question while men are typically the culprits.

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Who are the criminals and how do they get there next victims? Their strategies are in three stages, recruiting, transporting and enforcing. The men and women will travel all areas go to any link to find the next victim. A lot of these young women who are kidnapped or taken come from rural areas by the recruiters because they know that these young women are desperate to leave a bad situation not knowing what would come next for their life.

As we heard from Jessica the young girl who was scared to face her parents over a bad grade, she takes off on a bus not knowing where she would end up. After another lady promises to care for her, Jessica ended up being raped at a party and meeting her “pimp”. Jessica being vulnerable and her pimp telling her that she was nasty and her parents would no longer love her, she stays in the world of sex trafficking. Jessica was involved in a sting operation where an office took a photo of her that she did not realize would change her life for good. Jessica mother did everything she could to find her baby girl. Jessica pimp had her photos on a web page called backpage.com where they officers and Jessica’s parents were able to come up with another sting operation to finally rescue Jessica from the life of sex trafficking.

Many women like Jessica do not have carrying, loving families searching for them; they do not have a place to go when they finally run from the life of being a slave and being sold multiple times a day. In Texas there are so many resources that are available to young girl and women who do not have a place to go or getting help to recover from the life they lived. One place in Texas that someone would be able to go for help is called Home Of Hope Texas. Home Of Hope was established in 2008 as an organization dedicated to help fight adolescent human trafficking in the U.S, as well as provide a place a safe place to stay who have been victims of human trafficking. Home of Hope provides long term care, rehabilitation and healing for victims.

Another great place to reach out for help would be Poiema Foundation, Poiema (pronounced poy-ay-ma) is a Greek word meaning ‘handiwork’ found in Ephesians 2:10: “For we are God’s handiwork (poiema), created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” The mission for Poiema is raise awareness to prevent sexual exploitation such as sex trafficking. The goal for Poiema is to find a safe place for victims to receive love and care of their journey to recovery. Not only does Poiema provide a safe place to get help, they provide medical treatments, long-term housing, counseling, and helping those who are ready to go back out into the world look for jobs.

There are numerous ladies like Jessica who get sucked into the human trafficking life that have no family or companions and no place to go when they choose to run. There are such a large number of ladies who never make it out of that life. We have all observed motion pictures on how this sex rings function. These “john’s” or “pimps” are not stressed over where these ladies end up or who they wind up with; they are just stressed over the cash and the amount they can make. Jessica was an extremely fortunate young lady that had brilliant parents who did not think about that bad grade she made or the fact she left on a bus, her parents never gave up looking for her and just wanted her home safe.

01 April 2020

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