Analysis Of The Film Gattaca And Its Relation To Modern Society

In the film Gattaca, humans are categorized as valid and invalid on the basis of their genetic make. An individual that is developed through reproductive technology is developed in having desirable traits versus those born through natural conception are born with underlying diseases and/ or complications. Ultimately, this film indicates that through technological advances, DNA sequences may be altered in which an individual is highly accepted amongst society. Gattaca uses characters to differentiate humans through career opportunities. Although this is portrayed in the film as an attainable future, this is not a reality. Such technologies may be available in the future but may not be considered as feasible.

The film “Gattaca,” otherwise defined as genetic formation, was produced to depict the future with the usage of reproductive technology. The process selects certain genes that allow working towards the development of desirable traits. The film provides examples of children born through the usage of reproductive technology. Children born through reproductive technology were brought into the universe by selectively choosing particular genes to prevent any potentials of genetic disorders. The film implicates that by selectively choosing traits reduces the potential for undesirable behaviors. Vincent Freeman, who is portrayed as the main actor is born without genetic modification, versus his younger brother Anton Freeman who was reproduced through technological resources. The difference is highly shown as Vincent, was born to being prone to a shorter lifespan, neurological disorders, and ADD. Thus, making Anton superior over Vincent. Despite having genes that were considered no good, Vincent dreamt of working at Gattaca Aerospace Corporation. Due to having genes that were not strongly valid, Vincent was categorized as being “invalid”. He then takes on the traits of Morrow, who had all desirable genes but was paralyzed due to a suicide attempt. Vincent was then placed in a career with Gattaca Aerospace Corporation. Where Vincent was obligated in hiding his cosmetic surgery that was done.

The film uses figurines that are considered as being ideally “perfect” genomes as workers of Gattaca Aerospace Corporation. This being said, it indicates that there is yet to be a perfect genome in current society to be developed for analyses and comparisons when developments do occur. Although we have advanced in many resources that are currently available in terms of being able to identify sequence complications and underlying diseases, there is a significant growth required in terms of technological resources in making the Gattaca model come to life.

Current society has a developed project called the Human Genome Project. In which this has been viewed as one of the greatest feats of exploration in history. The project had begun in 1990 and was completed in 2003, where researchers could read the genetic blueprint. The project looks into gene sequences and the mapping of genes, which is otherwise identified as a genome. The identified goal of the HGP was to determine varying sequences of base pairs that the human DNA consists of, where there are 3 billion base pairs that make up the human genome. This is a pointer that indicates how significantly complicated it is for researchers to dissect and study abnormality potentialities.

Studies such as epigenetics, which is the study of changes amongst organisms that are caused through modifications. Changes can switch genes on and off to determine which proteins are transcribed. Epigenetics has become a topic of growth. Through epigenetics, underlying diseases and causes in the DNA can be found. Similarly, developments in DNA sequencing titled Sanger sequencing assist for DNA replication and used for the detection of SNVs. Sanger sequencing has become significantly valued in clinical genomics for reasons such as an orthogonal method, and for the purpose of patching coverages of NGS. The CGH microarray test also assists in identifying deletions and/or duplications within chromosome regions. Studies show that it is rather difficult in identifying what makes a trait a specific way when each human carry varying genetic variants. An example is the MAOA gene, an enzyme that breaks down important neurotransmitters that correlate to the behavior of aggression and antisocial behavior. This trait depends on the experiences of child abuse and does not guarantee abusive behavior.

When comparing the technology portrayed in Gattaca versus the technology that is currently available in today’s society, it is very evident of the significant difference amongst the two. In order for today’s society to reach such technological development, a significant amount of time will be necessary. The speed in which the film indicates this progression is unattainable in reality, alongside the expenses that correlate for such technological development that requires many decades of savings. When comparing the two societies, such technological advancements are unattainable and unrealistic to be in place in current society but do carry a potential for the future.   

16 December 2021
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