Gattaca: Representation of the World Destroyed By Perfection


Andrew Niccol's science fiction film, 'Gattaca' in the 'not so distant future' displaying a society that has tried so hard to become utopian that it becomes a dystopian society. Niccol continues to show discrimination against the valid and invalids by the use of genetic modification which then leads to the loss of identity and individuality. At the moment, are so blinded by discrimination and corruption that they do not see the destroyed society that they are living in.

The role of genetically modifying genes creates perfect individuals a dominating force which destroys the world presented in Gattaca. Genetic modification is a means of classification of a valid or invalid person. Genetic modification is an open door to discrimination. Genetic modification leads to discrimination which is one of the main reasons why society fails on the road to a utopian society. Discrimination is shown in a lot of cases in 'Gattaca'. Most of the strongest scenes of discrimination to Vincent came from his father who started showing discrimination from the day Vincent was born saying, 'no Vincent, Vincent Anton that's a good name':- Antonio Freemen, this brings out a side of his father that you would never guess come out from a man like him, the sense of hatred that took over the film was deep and sad. His father persistently showed Vincent this side of him every time Vincent could try to achieve something great even when he told him that he has applied for Gattaca he simply told him.' The only way you will see the inside of a spaceship is if you are cleaning it.': -Antonio freemen. Just imagine the way Vincent felt hat not only was society putt him down but also his father. This shows how they belittled invalids that is why most of them including Vincent turned to the DNA broker. What would you have done in his place? honestly, would you have just sat there and done nothing to those who harm you with their words?

Furthermore 'Gattaca' is stealing identities left to right and centre, just like a thief who thinks his to good to get caught. Gattaca takes the child's identity at birth and labels them with two stickers its either you are a valid, good at everything you or an invalid, you will not even dream of even reaching the level of a valid. Gattaca thinks that they really can go without destroying everything in their path Vincent was so confused thinking that he should just believe the label, 'I started to see myself as what society sad I am chronically ill.' : - Vincent freemen. Vincent and many characters did not give up on there dreams even if they had to go to the DNA broker. A lot of the people were engulfed by the lies that Gattaca feeds them like Caesar thinking that there is no reason to dream thinking, 'when you clean the glass, Vincent, don't clean it too well…you might get ideas';- creaser. Director joseph thought that he would be able to get away with murder because he wouldn't be a suspect thinking that being valid would save him, 'there's not a violent bone in my body.':- Director Joseph the murder just proves that there so many flaws in the system. it just labelled you on what your blood said you were but not your mind or your heart what is a human without there thoughts or feeling. The system was created to prevent invalids from doing anything the valid can do. It does not matter what you are labelled as you can lose in a race, you can win the race it only matters if you put your all into it. 'You sure you want to do this? You know you're gonna lose'.: - Anton freemen. But he did not win Vincent won. How? 'This is how I did it, Anton – I never saved anything for the swim back'.: Vincent freemen.

Perfection is it even achievable, what do you ha to do or give up reaching your goal? There are so many underrated characters that have either reached what they thought was perfection, but it was not, or they strive so hard to reach it but never will. Take Jerome or Irene, Jerome he was so good at what he did but came out on stepdown on the pedestal or Irene she works so hard to reach the standers of 'valid' but she just needed to stop and try and achieve her dreams instead of trying to achieve what society wanted her to do. She had to just see her potential, she thought that she was nothing she had no self-worth, but on the other hand, perfection only destroyed Jerome's life but also his self-worth it led him to try and kill himself then he became an alcoholic had no money and the fact that he had no self-worth lead to the loss of his identity by selling it to the highest bidder. Is society completely, destroyed by the pursuit of perfection, or is there some moments of hope for the characters and the viewers, that the characters might break down the walls called 'predetermined life'? Irene broke the wall that was blinding at the end of 'Gattaca', 'if you're still interested, let me know'.: - Irene. Jerome always thought that there was no solution to his life but death. On so many equations 'I am going travelling too', 'one man lose is another man's gain.': -Jerome. The list just goes on but despite that, there were some moments of hope, 'I got the better end of the deal. I only lent you my body. You lent me your dream.' Both of them are not real underrated they are just very complex.


So is 'Gattaca' presenting a world destroyed by the pursuit of perfection? Gattaca is a good representation of what the lack of individuality does o a world. Perfection what does it mean well in a dictionary perfection is the state or quality of being perfect, but what does it mean it honestly means whatever you want it to mean. See the world with your ideas and thoughts about it, never see it how other choose for u to see it. Never let what others try to say to u affect your version of who u are or what the world is. Never change your feelings about something because someone else does not like it.

16 December 2021
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