Analysis Of The Most Important Technology Issues Impacting The Company

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What management and leadership changes need to be made to best take advantage of the changing technology requirements? Currently, Space Company is using traditional logistics distribution system such as ordering by phone and distribution system when they ordered the products by phone. Not only public sectors but also private sectors including Headway Company, planning, ordering and material flow control mechanism have to deal in logistics process. It means that, its aim to get the right timing, right products and right place to get the maximum performance and output by minimizing total operation costs. (G. Ghiani, 2014). Order processing, inventory management and transportation of ordered products are main three conditions in logistics system.

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In traditional process of ordering, customers have to request the products by phone or filling out the order form. Next step is transmitting the order by checking. After that, products are packed and delivered with shipping documentation. As a final point, customers have to kept informed about the status of their orders. In fact, it is a very-time wasting activity in the whole process. In recent years, electronics and information technology in Myanmar are advancing more and more. In 2017, internet users count are dramatically increase to 46 million and that means to process smoothly in order system, Space Company should move in this dynamic and should invest in application developer for ordering and distributing record (Yangon, 2017)Space Company will invest for application development with Mobisoft Infotech. This company is global digital product development and vision is spreading digital happiness globally. Mobitech will be Space trusted technology resource to empower Space with transformation technology solutions (About Us, 2018). To get the best advantage of the technology requirements, management team need to wipe out the conservative thoughts of logistics system.

During this transition, Space have to determine the existing organization structure as tradition order system was compatible with current job description of the employees. Throughout the application development and after this phase, new structure will need to be prepared as to fit with new technology change, clear communication need for each and every management and stakeholder team about their tasks and responsibilities (Strategic Managment Process, 2014). In this step, strategic alignment is needed for the process of helping and developing competitive advantage as application development. It is surely assist the organization to accomplish goals and objectives. If the alignment is not clear, a sense of direction what the management team need to know where to emphasize their skills.

18 May 2020

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