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Internship Report In The Field Of Supply Chain And Logistics

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The time I spent in DHL as an intern since I joined in May 2018 is a memorable one for me as it is a great experience sharing and helped me discover my potential and polish my skills. I have had so many nice experiences and opportunities that I personally believe will strongly shape and influence my professional life while encouraging my personal growth and development.

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In this report, I hope to highlight the opportunities and projects offered to me by DHL in order to learn more in the field of Supply chain and logistics. In my desire to write this report, I have in no way any affirmation to come out with a perfect piece of work.

These few details guide me to perceive that, Similar to all human attempts, this report is not perfect and might contain few errors and imperfections. Therefore, I stand open to all captiousness and recommendations which could present me with new sources of inspiration as I develop in my ability to research and learn.

Executive summary

The executive summary gives an overview of my internship at DHL which includes the projects, activities, meetings and experiences. Below is a summary of my experience.

During my internship at DHL headquarters in Germany, I worked with their Global E-commerce Solutions Management Business Unit.

Reflecting on my experience at DHL, this internship program has made immeasurable impacts in my aptitude in varied fields such as: Team work, Project Management and Coordination. The internship program has broadened my industry knowledge, which was made possible through projects and tasks assigned to me during my internship.

It has been a wonderful experience working at DHL and I had great pleasure working for such a big international logistics company (one of the leader in Supply Chain and logistics solutions).

Internship experience at DHL

During my internship, I had the opportunity to work with the wonderful energetic team of the Global E-commerce Solutions Management Business Unit. Working with this department was for me a period of gaining additional industry knowledge and experience through the activities below:

Performance Reporting

I proposed a new structure and created a performance report for an existing customer of DHL in India. The customer for which I created this report is H&M the well-known international fast fashion brand. The objective of creating this report was to provide a better idea to the customer regarding the logistics performance of DHL in India for H&M and eventually strengthening the business relationship between DHL & H&M.

Introductory Training Sessions

During my internship I also had an opportunity to participate in various training sessions in order to understand the organization and the other business units and their functions at DHL even better. That training permitted me to know how to become an effective manager and enable me to explain the positive attitude and behavior that should be followed in the workplace. It also allowed me to assess my own effectiveness, and identify the skills needed to improve my own effectiveness, and to set a plan for personal development.

Indian E-commerce Overview

Since I have an experience working in Indian e-commerce, I had given an amazing opportunity by my Supervisor to deliver a presentation on Indian e-commerce to my entire team. The main reason was to learn the know-how and the interesting and important facts about the Indian e-commerce market as it’s a potential market for DHL.

Introduction to DHL’s internal policies and work ethics

The training organized by DHL exclusively for new recruits and interns in order to have deep insights regarding the organization culture and to learn more about the best practices to be implemented at the workplace. The training was extremely beneficial• Online Learning Sessions The online sessions exclusively designed for the internal employees of DHL is extremely beneficial to keep yourself up to date in today’s competitive world and these sessions gave me access to complimentary learning on specific topics like digital marketing, agile project management and more.

Team Meetings and Conferences

During my projects I was included in all the relevant meeting conference call with other team members including the colleagues from USA, Singapore, India. Every Monday we have team lunch together and then a brief meeting in order to discuss the progress of the projects and updates I had a complete freedom to drive my projects the way I want along with support and guidance.

Cooking Sessions and After Work Activities

Internship at DHL is not only just work but also fun. My supervisor Mr. Andreas Scheonemann had proposed a cooking event at his house, I cooked Indian cuisine for all my teammates and Mr. Andreas prepared a German Salad and special desert from Czech Republic. We all enjoyed that evening and discussed all exciting events about our lives at the dinner table. I will for sure always remember that evening.

Solutions Database

It is also one of the interesting project I did during my internship, I designed a centralized knowledge base for the DHL Global E-commerce Business Unit. It was very important to create such solutions repository I order to maintain the data and the team activities efficiently. It was quite challenging but at the same time it was fun and a great learning experience.

Knowledge and skills acquired

The internship has given me an opportunity to acquire additional skills on a professional level and personal level. For me, these achievements are the direct result of the effort invested in me by DHL so that I may also impact on other communities in need of leadership and the society as a whole.

Below are my achievements from the internship:

Strengthening DHL’s Existing Customer Relationship

DHL is a centre for exchange of ideas, I was given the unique opportunity by DHL to come up with a new structure for their performance reporting. The kind of faith which my team had in me was also an additional key driver during my internship to deliver meaningful results. DHL has no doubt groomed my professional life.

Leadership Development

My leadership abilities have improved a lot because I now have the necessary tools required of a leader. This opportunity to enhance my skills is partly due to the assignments which I was doing at DHL.

Below is a list of training sessions I benefitted from:

Impactful Presentations

I also had a chance to participate in a training program for creating the business presentations. This training was really interesting and helped me to know the hacks of making an impactful presentations for proposals and also the project preparation cycle.

Project Management

The participation in this session organized by DHL online training particularly helped me to improve my knowledge in agile project management and definitions.

Volunteer ship

This was one of the experience of a lifetime for me, I have participated in DHL’s global volunteer day. It is organized every year by DHL which includes different types of activities. I registered and joined the DHL Global Volunteer Day with a colleague from my team, we were total 10 employees from DHL. We took 50 refugees from different countries who are in Germany for a day trip to Cologne zoo with an objective to spread some happiness in the Refugee’s lives. It was an additional learning for me as I learned that giving back to the community is also a part of a big established businesses.

The use of websites in communication

This session helped me to do a self-assessment of my communication skills especially when it comes to conveying important messages to an unknown audience. I also learnt how to use the Internet or a website to effectively communicate a message to an audience.

Building effective research skills

While I was working on my project of preparing a knowledge base for our team, this project helped me in improving my research skills in order to solve complex problems.

Training and Facilitation Skills

This session was very relevant and useful to learn more about the training concepts. I especially got to know what the difference between Training and Facilitation.

Deutsche Post DHL Group In Detail

To enhance my knowledge and skills, DHL gave me the opportunity to intern with their Global E-commerce Solutions Management Business Unit.

DHL Logistics sector-specific expertise spans across multiple sectors and specialty areas, offer the tailored solutions that best match the industry’s logistics requirements. With dedicated teams of experts, DHL ensure that the company remain at the forefront of sector developments and constantly adapt our portfolio to your needs.

Green Expertise and Sustainability Solutions From DHL

DHL’s GoGreen program helps to reduce the environmental impact of doing business across the world. The company’s GoGreen Solutions portfolio of transport efficient and environmentally optimized logistics solutions supports in order to quantify and improve the carbon footprint globally. It reduces waste, meets producer responsibilities and helps you move to a more Circular Economy.

Challenges and constraints

During my internship in DHL, I dint face any serious challenges or constraints as DHL is a well-established international company. It’s highly process driven and structured. However I did face some minor challenges during my projects, in order to figure out the solutions to your issues as sometimes you need to reach out people from different departments. But on the other hand it was also an opportunity for me to figure out everything by myself and complete my designated tasks.

Few times I realized that my words were misunderstood during a healthy discussion, but nothing serious as I am sure it’s due to the cultural differences between India and Germany. Thanks to this I learned how to adapt between different cultures and work together.


In order to ensure even better outcome from interns and fixed term employees below are my recommendations:

  • To engage even more with the interns because sometimes due to cultural differences, the interns might not be open up and share their challenges openly especially in the areas where company’s intervention is needed.
  • Regular feedbacks should be given to the interns so that they should have a better idea about their performance and they can take corrective steps towards their betterment and future career advancement.


DHL internship has offered me a great opportunity to grow and develop. It has motivated me to be able to overcome challenges and develop my career. I learnt extensively about the supply chain industry, the relevance of logistics in today’s business environment, implementation of logistics solutions globally. The internship not only improved my critical thinking and analytical skills but also improved my professional skills and ability to work in a multicultural environment.

Working in DHL as an intern was not only an honor and privilege but a lifetime experience that will forever transform my professional life. This great experience is inimitable to other internship and professional working experiences I had in the past. My Supervisor Andreas Scheonemann, Vice President has inspired me to learn and work to add value to the organization.

I truly appreciate this opportunity and forever grateful to DHL for giving the opportunity to not work as an intern but as a proper team member. I would definitely like to work again with DHL in future if I get an opportunity.

03 December 2019

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