Determining What I Gained From the Internship Program

This paper presents a deep analysis of personal internship experience. One more aim is in the name of the “What do you hope to gain from this internship?” essay. Now I want to start with duties and responsibilities of this internship program.

My internship was held at the commercial agency of Tunisie Telecom southern Sfax from March 6th, 2019 till April 4th, 2019 under the supervision of the head of agency Mr. Karim Mastouri. During my internship, I was allowed to coordinate tasks for various jobs in different departments. During my first week, I learned how to alphabetize papers accurately and classify the clients’ files in the archive department according to their purchase date. After several days, I became a fast file organizer. I spent few days in commercial department where my supervisor listed to me the required information on how to have a new line and showed me how to fill them into the computer precisely.

In addition, one of the tasks I had was bills payment, my supervisor gave me a detailed idea about the method of payment via the computer. The are two payment methods, cash or through checks. I entered the relevant information into the computer using Point Of Sale (POS) program to register the transaction. When accepting a check, I had to verify the validity of the submitted documents, the identification of the person to ensure that the customer was the one he/she claimed to be and the requested amount. Once the transaction was done I gave the customer the receipt generated by the computer.

Now I will continue with working conditions. I was a bit nervous at the beginning because even though I had knowledge of communication skills, I had no idea how to apply them in a work setting. Thanks to the people who worked with me though, I was able to learn how to apply that knowledge and use it to the best of my abilities. Throughout my internship, I learned how to work in an office setting, picking up valuable skills needed for any career I might take. I learned how to use different programs. I also learned how to prioritize properly, how to confidently speak up and be part of a discussion.

Most importantly, I learned how to collaborate with a team, which will not only help me in my professional life but also life outside of work. Whatever setting I was in, being able to collaborate helped me to stand out my hidden abilities. It was really important to listen and hear team members' ideas, then combine all of these ideas together to come up with the best possible solution. The experiences I had were very beneficial for me. The employees were very supportive and friendly, they shared their knowledge with me during my internship.

And for the end of the paper I will write about some self-assessment aspects. One of the most important things I could gain from this internship was new knowledge. This can include knowing how to fulfil tasks that are relevant to my future career path and sharpening the skills that I already possess. It was my first position in a telecommunication agency atmosphere, I didn’t know exactly what to expect. The environment there was quite relaxed, yet it taught me how to behave in the workplace.

Simply working in the agency and getting used to everything here has definitely prepared me for whatever my next position may be. Just observing the everyday events has taught me more about teamwork, and how people can come together to get things done. Although sometimes I had to remind myself to use my inside voice, I feel I’ve adapted to the office life relatively well.

This internship was an opportunity to test drive a career without making any serious commitments. It provided me with experiences, lessons, and the tools I will need to get a full-time job in the future. It is often a great choice because it gave me a feel for work because this provided me the opportunity to grow and learn before fully entering the working world.

This period was an opportunity to test out all the skills that I developed in college and see how they work in the real world. Working in a professional setting for the first time can be difficult to get used to. But it is the best way to learn how to navigate the working world through real-life.

One of the most valuable skills I gained from this internship was the ability to speak with people in a professional setting. Discussions with boss and co-workers. After my internship, I have a better idea of the appropriate way to behave as a professional. This will help me a lot when I start interviewing for jobs because I will be more confident and I will sound more mature and experienced in a business setting.

To end up this internship paper, I want to mention that in addition to the people who will be my references in the future, I tried to leave my internship with new connections (employees, clients, other interns, etc...). These people can provide guidance, advice and help in future job life . To do this, I needed to make an effort during the course of my internship to build relationships with people around the office.

11 February 2023
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