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Analysis Of The Movie Get Out

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They value Chris’s physical characteristics like his creative sight rather than he himself. As seen in the movie, the procedure is only done on black people because the white community disregarded the minority free will. The normality is ruined when Chris senses the danger and kills the monsters because they could brainwash him. The zombies are the black people whose brain has been taken over by white people. They are seen acting strangely, like George and the way she dresses is like a seventy-year-old lady instead of someone in their mid-twenties. There are a lot of issues the movie deals with that can relate to real life. For example, in the beginning Rose was driving to her parents’ house and hit a deer. The cop asked for Chris’s ID because he was black even though he wasn’t driving. This demonstrates the racial issue that cops are racially profiling people and are more biased in favor of white people. There have been so many innocent black people that lost their lives on assumptions and skin color.

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Another thing in the movie is that the white people kept saying they would have voted Obama in for another term shows that they are trying to reassure Chris that they are not racist because they voted for a black president. When Obama took office in 2008, people thought racism was over but no, it was just well hidden. This movie is unique because never in a Hollywood film has a black man killing a white family ever done, even if the white people are inherently evil. It breaks boundary as it shows how not all white people are savior, and sometimes they are the problem. The deer that Rose kills in the beginning of the movie also foreshadows that something bad is about to happen, because in Rose parents’ home you can see a deer head that is hanged on the wall. Rose’s dad Dean also states his hatred for deer and how every dead deer is a win. The deer and the minorities are linked together because they are both hunted down and immortalized as trophies.

In the beginning of the movie, we see a black man being abducted into a white car. Peele used a white car for a reason because white represent purity and innocent, or a “white knight in shining armor.” However, instead of saving, it depicts a seance kidnapping and enslaving. It crushes societal norm of white is innocent and shows the true darkness that white people are capable of. Peele uses this movie to show the fear of African American living in the United States, creating an unprecedented reality and the horror that Chris must deal with. When Chris was at the party, he uses his phone to take a picture, it represents how people are taking videos to show the police brutality in America. At the party, everyone is also wearing red, but Chris is the only one wearing blue. He is isolated from all the white people, which is a continual theme throughout the film.

In the end, Chris was saved by Rod, his black friend who was suspicious of the family right from the beginning warning Chris about the possible danger. Instead of a white male saving the day, it is a black man that helped Chris escape from the horror. It drives away from typical Hollywood movie plots with its unexpected plot twists. The take away from this movie is that we should see racism for what it really is and stop labeling black people as dangerous or evil. The ending helps us understand that we need to change social norm of white people always being portrayed as the good guys.

11 February 2020

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