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Analysis Of Youth Culture In The Film Yolngu Boy

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Youth culture is exploited in Australia in a way that most of the teenagers prefer branded products rather than casual products. As, high fashion and luxury brands will never and could never be street wear because it is not meant for the everyday person Companies seem to have a keen awareness of what young people want, including bright, eclectic colours and patterns that are engaging, eye-catching and look good on social media Most of the products have a logo on it both front and centre, which most teenagers are keen to buy. The merchandises are eye-catching and bright that excites young teens to purchase it. Gucci has a strong digital presence online and is heavily active across various social media platforms. Significantly, Gucci also has created strong partnerships with Hollywood celebrities like Rihanna, Blake Lively, Harry Styles, Brat Pitt, etc.; also with social media influencers such as Jeffree Star and Zoella Zeebo; and working closely with these individuals to reach more demographics and re-establish its identity as a new, modern brand; despite it has been around for a while.Throughout the film ‘Yolngu Boy’, many similarities and differences in beliefs, values, customs and practices in youth culture were identified and were further investigated. Some similarities include loyalty within their friendship, where Lorrpu stayed by Botj side when he ran alone in the forest. No matter how the other person behaved towards him, he was loyal to his people and culture, even though he didn’t want to associate with Botj; he was still his childhood friend. He strongly believed in his cultural race, in traditional ways of his people, and embraced his cultural traditions, which further made his bond of friendship with Milika and Botj. They had a strong friendship, however, their friendship was being tested. Difficult steps were taken into adulthood, and they drove apart due to their circumstances and dreams. Significantly, it goes for western culture too, as most adolescents are loyal to each other, and have trust within each other. Another similarity was substance abuse where Botj, the rebellious person was addicted to sniffing petrol and smoking. His life became so destructive, which left him with a single opportunity to establish a peaceful and constructive life in his lifestyle.

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Other similarities in youth culture were adopted from the western culture such as smoking, music, use of technology, and branded outfits like ‘Adidas’. These similarities were identified in the film especially between the boys as each of them had different interests, habits, and passions. It goes with the western culture, as these objects are so popular and vital for adolescents nowadays. However, many differences in youth culture compared to the western culture were also identified. For instance, traditions or different cultures, that each person identifies themselves with, involves different dancing/ singing, walking barefoot, natural remedies for injuries, and buried to the land instead of in coffins. One of the differences was dreaming as mentioned, ‘All young people have dreams and aspirations’. And each boy in the film had a dream of becoming great hunters. During their journey to Darwin, they achieved their dream of becoming successful hunters by preying a sea turtle together. It was done through supporting each other even though there were arguments between them such as when they secretly sneaked into a shop and they had a fight about Botj not leaving the shop.Furthermore, they have their own separate dreams as well. For instance, Lorrpu is looking forward to his upcoming ceremony making his move into manhood. He is dreaming of becoming a professional football player and to fulfill that dream he is avoiding negative influences like Botj where he is eager to enter ‘Manhood’, which he can’t due to his alcoholic lifestyle that would end him up like his father. However, during the trekking to Darwin, Botj rediscovered his old self, regaining his sense of cultural history and connection with the land, and finding peace within him. Lorrpu acknowledges this change by recognizing Botj as the leader of their group once again. There were differences in the way of their living, clothing, values, beliefs, and other norms. They believe in the crocodile totem and spirit ancestor, whom they are taught will protect them, make them strong, and guide them through life. They painted the picture of crocodile totem, which symbolises protection and guidance. Overall, the film ‘Yolngu Boy’ identifies different traditions and culture in regards to western culture and now that challenges the boys with their culture and traditions. There were life style differences that were found because of western culture.

01 February 2021

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