Apply for Citizenship: How to Be a Good American Citizen

Although the path to citizenship takes a long process it is worth the cost and gives you several benefits but depending on the state or country it has different processes and social experiences. In how to be a good American citizen essay the topic of getting an American citizenship is discussed. 

Cost-Benefit Analysis

To become a citizen, there are several phases that a person must apply for. For example, to become a Citizen a person must go through a naturalization process which could take a long time depending on the state and country. In the naturalization process, for 5 years a person who is applying to be a citizen must have gained a green card. And during this process, people have to see if that person is good enough to be an American Citizen, submit the naturalization paper, and then participating in a test. This shows how people have to go through a long process before becoming a citizen which would result in years before applying to be a citizen. The benefits of becoming a citizen is being able to vote for the president which is a big part of society, people would be able to travel for a long period of time which could be helpful for those who want to travel but is not from that specific country, and could help family members become citizens as well. This shows how there are several benefits of becoming a citizen and could help those who are immigrating because voting has become a big part of the community, and it could help those not get deported and travel for a long time without worrying about getting deported. This shows that it is worth the cost because it helps families stay together and not get separated from each other and could help those stay and allows those to vote and become a part of the community and participate in votes for presidents. Also, if a person did not become a citizen it could impact them mentally as well because if someone is not a citizen they could feel out of place and could feel negative because people stereotype those who are from another state or country. So, it would be very beneficial and worth to become a citizen in the United States.

Differences Between Process

Depending on the country there are different processes in becoming a citizen. In each country, there is a time limit of how long they must be a resident in that specific country which differs depending on the location. For example, in Liechtenstein, they must be a resident and live in the country for 30 years before becoming a citizen. This shows how people must stay in that country for a long time and go through a long process before becoming a citizen. In another country like Switzerland, people need to live in the country for 10 years which is 20 years less then Liechtenstein and they must have a C permit. This describes how depending on the country people can either have to live in that country for a long time or a short period before applying to become a citizen. Also, the process of becoming a citizen depends on what country you were born in and your family background. For example, in the United States, people can become a citizen automatically in which country your born in no matter if your parents are citizens or not. But in contrast countries in the UK has a different process than the United States and have it where a person can become a citizen of one of their parents is a British citizen. This shows depending on what country in a certain state has a different process of how a child can automatically become a citizen or not and has to go through different processes. This also proves how it does not just depend on the country but also the state that can influence on the path to citizenship. Also, in certain countries, there are certain requirements for becoming a citizen and not just on the time someone spent in the country. For example, in Kuwait you must be Muslim or converted to be a citizen which shows how depending on the individual, a person can become a citizen automatically. Also, in Bhutan depending on the family heritage, if both parents are Bhutanese the child can automatically become a citizen as well. This describes how becoming a citizen depends on your heritage and people’s family. This describes how depending on the country and individual the requirements can differ between the processes of becoming a citizen and takes a long time.

Differences in Social Experiences

Some differences in Social Experiences is that in some countries, some immigrants get treated differently after becoming a citizen. For example, in Qatar, people are treated differently based on if they were born a citizen and if they were neutralized. This shows how people who are born a citizen compared to a neutralized citizen depends on how that person is treated. This leads to issues of citizens being stereotyped and arguments about people who are citizen automatically. For example, immigrants who become citizens are stereotyped of stealing people’s jobs which shows how people who were not born as a citizen is treated differently in society. This shows how people are treated differently based on if a person’s parent was born in that country or not. This shows how society treats immigrants differently than they do to someone born a citizen. Stereotypes have impacted our society that there are stereotypes about many things and because of these stereotypes it can have someone be treated differently than other people which negatively impacts people.


In conclusion, people have been able to apply for citizenship through naturalization which takes a long time to become an official citizen but worth the wait. Depending on the state and country it has different processes to the path of citizenship which shows how different societies in different countries can be and how it is not the same for each country. 

05 January 2023
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