What Makes The American Dream Appealing To Immigrants

The American Dream is where everybody, regardless of race or color, is free. Where everyone has a say and all their views are accepted. Homeless people, poor families, and lower class citizens are all given the opportunity to become successful. In other countries, the government restricts lower class citizens from all opportunities; yet, in America, it is believed that no matter who you are, there is always hope that you will reach your goal. Therefore, living the American Dream is not an easy way to live. It takes a lot of motivation and determination for Americans and Immigrants to fight and work for their rights and the American Dream.

The American Dream was very appealing because it’s obtainable to anyone. Through luck and hard work, everyone is able to reach their goal; however, there are many obstacles and barriers that hold us back from getting to where we need to be and what we have to overcome. Whatever is holding them back can vary from education to anything economical. The main setback is yourself. Everyone tends to hold themselves back from change not knowing where it can take them because they are afraid of failure. Failure is a part of the journey; It’s only going to make you stronger and work harder than before. Additionally, failure is a learning process. It’s a good learning curve that will motivate you to get where you want to be.

Next, Racism is another obstacle that restricts people from reaching their goal. Most African Americans struggled with racism and it makes it very difficult for them to achieve success. They have a great disadvantage because of their race. For them, the American Dream is just a dream. This made education unfair too. For black children, education wasn’t taught as much as for white children. If you were smarter than a white student, you knew you weren’t going to receive fair teaching. Without education, it is challenging to get into college and to get a job. Lack of education is making it more difficult for African Americans to accomplish their goal. In addition, most citizens believe that the American Dream is dead and there is no chance in succeeding. A vast majority of people can’t afford homes, can’t get jobs, and are bankrupt. High income inequality is increasing bankruptcy for citizens and restricts them from being able to afford a house and get a job.

Lastly, a huge motivational factor for Americans and Immigrants to search for, fight for, and work for was their children. Their children made them want to work to their full potential because the thought of losing them was frightening. Not only did they want to achieve their American Dream, but they wanted to keep their family safe. African American families were split up and killed for years. Families couldn’t get jobs and had shortages on money which couldn’t buy themselves nor their children a house, food, water, or any supplies. They want to be able to give their children food to eat, a place to live, clothes to wear, and a bed to sleep in. They wanted them to grow up living a good life and the American Dream. This is not an easy journey but if they keep the right mindset, they will eventually reach their objective. This motivates citizens to work for their families not only keep them safe, but to support them and help them.

As said by my mom and dad, the American Dream is a challenge to lower class families because for them it is always an uphill battle. For their families, most of them are frowned upon and never given the chance to succeed, when potentially, all they need is one small chance to begin their quest to the top.

10 October 2020
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