The American Dream Ideology Is False

Historian James Truslow Adams gave the American Dream its name out of desperation to turn Americans away from Materialism. He believed that every man had an equal opportunity for a better life, whether they were rich or poor. This fantasy, however, was not for women and African Americans since they were commodities. Today the American Dream is still a distraction from reality as disinformation. America still has a gender wage gap that restricts women's financial earnings, and voter suppression laws in the south deny minorities self-advocacy. The Dream's Ideology also perpetuates the lie that failure to gain economic prosperity in America is the result of laziness. When society pushes this false Ideology, most American born citizens, choose not to believe. Other citizens are motivated to advocate for minorities and women. This Ideology also creates an urgency to exercise mindfulness.

Most states in America do not come close to offering the proposed federal mandate of $15. 00/h for minimum wage. The average stands stagnant at $7. 25/h, which leaves employees at the mercy of their employer. Special interest groups such as real estate and finance spend much money to disseminate false or misleading information. These groups profit by convincing citizens to become consumers or investors despite their economic situation. Most American born citizens are aware of this. Citizens have seen the negative results of foreclosure and debut from previous generations and witnessed the bailout of major financial institutions. They know it is better to believe a proven truth then pay for a lie.

In America, Equal- pay Day is a reminder that Women historically make less money than men. American also has a long history of oppression and racism. Even if minorities have the skill and ingenuity, 'In the land of the free,' dark skin can be disqualifying and hindering because it carries preconceived notions of laziness and disposability. As a result, Americans born citizens are motivated to earn a degree and to work long hours to break through the glass ceiling. Women and minorities want to be in higher positions so they can advocate for policies and practices that change the culture of discrimination and start to narrow the wage gap.

Regardless of a citizen's gender and ethnicity, trying to succeed through an academic and business track is mentally taxing. More Americans are turning to meditation to help cope with stress. Colleges are offering meditation programs, and according to The International Journal of Yoga, Companies are offering a novel program called Mindful meditation. Through deep breathing exercises, practitioners detach themselves from thoughts that are irrelevant, overly critical, and cluttered and focus solely on nonjudgmental thoughts that are beneficial to their wellbeing and productivity. This process allows them to prioritize and creates a less stressful environment.

Most American born citizens know the American dream is fictional. They understand that misinformation and greed from special interest groups drive consumer culture. Women and minorities born here are aware that discrimination makes it difficult to advance financial and professionally. They choose to get degrees and try to advance to higher positions, so they advocate for the oppressed. However, trying to succeed through an academic and business track can be taxing, so more citizens are turning to meditation to cope with stress.

10 October 2020
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