Arguments Against Banning Books Such 13 Reasons Why

Many books are becoming challenged by many schools, parents, and libraries. Most books are being banned/challenged due to inappropriate language, drugs, alcohol, and inappropriate scenes that are believed to be unsuited for children and or young adults. Even though that many people may think that these types of books should be removed from libraries and schools, but I think that these books should be able to stay on the shelves of schools and libraries because they can help us discuss and acknowledge important topics and events that occur in our daily lives, and we can also obtain knowledge of the society, and the world that we live in today.

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13 Reasons Why was challenged because, in the story, it involved drugs, alcohol, smoking bullying, and it also discusses the reasons why a girl, named Hannah Baker, had died by suicide. According to a Colorado School District and the New Zealand Office of Film and Literature, it was believed to be “a target of censorship. . . glamorized suicide. . . negatively portrays of helping professionals” said Lora Smith from PBS. On the other hand, I believe that these types of books can make a very large and positive impact on students because they can teach kids and young adults about why alcohol and drugs are not good and its effect on people. In 13 Reasons Why, Hannah Baker took her life and then sent out 13 tapes to 13 different people explaining why she took her life. This could help explain to young people why bullying and suicide can have a huge effect on people’s lives and behaviors. If society took away books, such as 13 Reasons Why we would lose the freedom and right to choose what we want or do not want to do, we lose knowledge of what type of society and world we live in today, and we are unable to discuss important topics that occur in our everyday lives.

In conclusion, books such as 13 Reasons Why should not be taken off of the shelves in schools and libraries because they can help us grow and develop our minds and allow us to become better people. Books can teach us certain things that we may have never known and that certain people cannot teach us, such as our parents. All books cannot only open our eyes, but they can also help us understand people and provide us a way to escape from reality.

01 April 2020

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