Arguments Why Animal Testing Should Be Eliminated

Right now, in laboratories across the globe, millions of mice, rats, rabbits, monkeys, cats, dogs and other animals are locked in cages. More than 100 million animals are killed in laboratories around the world each year for medical training, curiosity-driven experiments, and chemical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic testing. Animal testing has been a common and well known topic for years and research on living animals has been practised since at least 500BC. Research has been carried out on many different animals and the Humane Society International found that these animals are subjected to force feeding, forced inhalation and food and water deprivation. This is animal testing essay thesis statement where this issue is discussed. 

The National Institutes Of Health has noticed that 95% of all medications that are demonstrated to be effective and safe in animal tests fail in human preliminaries since they are unreliable or quite risky. In 2006, six men took a new form of medication in a clinical trial at Northwick Park Hospital in London which caused perilous reactions in under 2 hours. These included organ failure and brain swelling. A similar medication had been recently given to monkeys at a 500 fold higher portion. The monkeys demonstrated no disturbing symptoms so the medication was then viewed as safe for human use. This demonstrates despite the fact that we share some hereditary material with different species, there are numerous natural contrasts between us making it so data from animal tests wont usually apply to humans.

It’s cruel to condemn 100 million honest and innocent animals to life in a research facility and purposefully cause them agony, loneliness, and fear. Envision living inside a confined room with no control over your life. You can't pick when and what you eat or how you will invest your energy. Consider going through your whole time on earth this way, not knowing whether you will be hauled from your cage for an injection, a difficult procedure, painful surgery or even death. This is life for an animal in a research centre. Animals are contaminated with diseases that they could never typically contract, modest mice develop tumours as enormous as their own bodies, cats are deliberately blinded and rodents are made to endure seizures. Experimenters forcibly feed synthetic concoctions to these animals, lead rehashed medical procedures on them, embed wires in their minds, pound their spines, and significantly more.

As per Cruelty Free International, 115 million are utilised in experiments every year, despite the fact that elective alternatives exist that would enable neither animals or humans to suffer. Non-animal tests are frequently progressively viable, solid and quicker, demonstrating that animal testing is a pointless abhorrence. The options in contrast to animal experimentation incorporate tests utilising human cells and tissues, propelled computer demonstrating procedures and studies with human volunteers. These and other non-animal testing techniques are not affected by the species contrasts that make animal test outcomes unreliable, and they generally take less time and money to finish. The standard test on pregnant rodents to see whether synthetics or medications may hurt an unborn child can just distinguish 60% of risky substances, however a cell-based option has a 100% accuracy at identifying harmful synthetic concoctions. Supplanting animal testing will improve the quality just as the humaneness of our science.

In conclusion, animal testing should be eliminated because it causes pain and suffering to the helpless experimental animals, is not always reliable, and other means of testing product toxicity are available. Humans cannot justify making life better for themselves by torturing and executing millions of animals per year. Governments should ban animal testing, so that the world could be a better place for both humans and animals. Animals should be treated with respect and dignity as they are not just objects. They have a right to life, just as humans do.   

21 November 2022
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