The Reasons Why Scientists Should Be Allowed To Test Products On Animals

Human being faces many diseases not only in the past time, but also in the present time which is a significant issue that scientists have been trying to find effective medicines to solve that problem. In order to do so, scientists have been using animal for experiment disease research which has been success in most of diseases. Most people do support for that action while others debate that it should be banned. However, it is a better way to use animals in disease research in order to find medicine for treating human from diseases.

Using animal in disease research should be allowed because it can save human lives. It leads to majority of medical advances for humans. Scientists can discover medicines which can be used to cure illness or prevent humans from any diseases because of using animal in experiment. For example, scientists have found the Hib vaccine to prevent human from meningitis which is a feared disease, especially for children that they used mice and rabbits for the experiment, and it was used in 1992 in UK and helped 150 children survive. Moreover, it enhances the safety of the products being released. For some newborn medicines which have not been used, if humans are tested for the experiment of these medicines, it can affect harmfully on their health and even death. That is the reason using animals is a better choice in disease research. Using animals in disease research should not be banned because animals are similar to human being. Animals and human share the same DNA; for instance, chimpanzees and humans shares 99% of their DNA, and even mice and human have 98% overlap. Furthermore, all the mammals have the same internal organs, such as heart, kidneys, lung, and on that function in essentially the same way with the help of a bloodstream and central nervous system. These all fall victim to the same general maladies, including heart disease and cancers. For these reasons, scientists can apply the result of panoply of medical experiments on animals to human being effectively.

Using animal in disease research should be continued because it is a convenient way. Animals make better research subjects than human beings because of their shorter lives which allow scientists easy to study through research. For example, rats can only live for 2 or 3 years which gives the researchers the opportunity to study the effects of treatment and genetic manipulation over their entire lifetime. Beside these, it is more ethical to use animal than to use human in experiments. If humans are used, it seems very cruel unlike animals which have no right. Opponents of using animals might say that using animal in disease research makes poor test subjects. However, this belief is not true since the time that animal have been being used in all experiments, it has been succeeded that scientists have been found majority of medicines for the world that have saved a great deal of human lives. For example, tuberculosis which was a common disease caused to death was found the medicine to cure it by Robert Koch, and chicken, guinea pig, and mouse were used for the experiment by Selman Waksman. As long as scientists have been succeeded in using animal in disease research, it should not be banned.

In conclusion, using animals in diseases research is the effective way for scientists and human beings. It should be continued because of its benefits provided toward human being, including saving human lives, having similarity to human, and making convenient way. Scientists should keep testing using animals in their experiments. Moreover, government should encourage their local scientist more to do so by providing more money or materials for their research in order to cure illness or prevent human beings from any diseases.

10 October 2020
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