Avoid Fatality, Practice Fire Safety

Among other calamities, destructive fires pose the biggest threat in our lives. Lives and properties are at stake whenever fire occurs in our community. Recent fire incidents have proven that fire could take away those who are dear to us in just a blink of an eye.

The worst example of that is the fire that transpired in Herbosa in Tondo, Manila wherein five (5) siblings were trapped inside their house and were burned alive. The fire also destroyed forty (40) houses leaving more or less hundred families homeless. The site of the aftermath is devastating. The scene were the roasted victims were being brought out of the fire area is so saddening. Regrets and sorrow is visible in the eyes of their parents and all they can do at the moment is to cry as they look helplessly at the lifeless bodies of their children.

Reports revealed that both parents leaved their children in the house and locked the door to prevent them from loitering outside. Unfortunately, one of their child played with fire and accidentally set the house on fire. The fire quickly spreads with only one (1) of their six (6) children being able to go outside by jumping out of the window. Firetrucks flooded the streets to suppress the fire but it is too late to save the children as the fire had already engulfed their house and including the adjacent structures. It is hard to accept that because of carelessness and lives and properties were jeopardized and turned into ashes. It’s a hard truth to accept especially for the parents, that they would never see their children again.

As a student and as a citizen, we must put into mind and put into practice fire safety awareness and consciousness. We must be a part of the solution and not of the problem. We must do the necessary precautions in our school, homes and the community because our lives or even our families could be in danger if fire broke out. We must listen to our parents and our teachers and be responsible we use appliances or gadgets that uses electricity because it is the primary cause of fire incidents in the country.

Make sure that we always maintain our surroundings clean and free from obstructions because it could also be a source of fire. Clean all stoves before and after cooking to prevent insects and rodent bites that could damage the LPG hose. Ask the assistance of the elderly in using matches and lighters to prevent accidents. We should also participate and practice fire and earthquake drill at home and at school. These are the simple things that we can do as a student, but these simple things could save our lives when disaster strikes.

03 December 2019
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