The Beauty Pageant and Its Role in Empowering Woman

Every year, woman around the world have the same experience of a lifetime. Either they are competing for Miss Lebanon, or miss universe, actually this moment may change their life, most of people who have never tried this experience before, they will not understand how hard and challenging to win in such competition, or what will happens after the crown is placed on the winner’s head. Winning the title doesn’t mean that the winner will walk around looking attractive with a crown placed on her head, winning the title is much more than that. However, pageants are empowering woman and transforming young girls into much more confident woman by giving them the chance to express their style, personality, and how strong they are in taking this big responsibility.

First and most important, pageants have a serious role in empowering woman by giving them the chance to take this responsibility, that engage in lots of activities that are essential in building the country, being a miss universe have a big impact on woman empowerment since it places them in leadership roles. actually Beauty pageants is giving the girl the chance to be a part of the various public campaigns, beauty pageants puts the woman in a hard situation, because it’s so hard to understand all this concept around the beauty role and contests. Also they serve as a good platform in promoting the government policies related to their country, such as the creative idea in developing industry and business: furthermore they play an important role in encouraging woman to achieve their greatest self, and value self-worth that comes from physical beauty by taking care of their body shape, and always trying to be pretty and smart.

Another reason, beauty contests is an exceptional platform for girls to express themselves, taking part In this competition encourage the woman, and lead them to get deep and searching to their potential, by discovering who they are and what they are capable to do to make a change to the world and progressed to the better. Being a miss universe doesn’t mean that woman must focus only on the beauty part, miss universe represent a lots of things that look out for the good of the society. they work on lots of projects that make an impact on the society. Also beauty pageants help woman to become more confident and develop their self-esteem, they are a platform that address the current issues such as the drug abuse, and aware woman about pregnancies among young girls. These helping woman to develop their leadership and communication skills; hence they will become able to express themselves in the best way.

However, beauty pageants will face a lot of controversy, they will suffer from a lot of criticism, some people may hurt their feelings, and the society may sometimes stereotypes woman, but this is the way to get strong, better and working in responsibility to prove themselves, and discovering their potential in making a change to the world. They will also follow the constrictive criticism, they will welcome all the ideas that comes from people and will take them into consideration. With time this will lead the pageant to become better and have a big impact in the contestants. Beauty pageants make a huge transformation to live of the girls. These helps them to take responsibility on an early age, they will come up with many creative projects that can build their society. These girls are able to contribute to the development of their community.

In brief, pageants are empowering woman by achieving self-confident and responsibility, they are proving for people that they could focus on many aspects other than beauty such as the intellect ones and the important project they have, and that they play an important role in the society, that they can take a big responsibility in taking a serious steps to develop their community, pageants is a way to show that woman are strong, smart, have the potential to do anything, and finding this confidence at young age.

16 December 2021
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