The Role Of Malcolm X In The Nation Of Islam

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In life, people like to think that things come easy and you don’t have to work for anything. Whereas, If you want to inspire people and make an impact on the world you will have to work for it. Malcolm X became part of the Nation of Islam and quickly became the second in command; Malcolm X also helped integrate whites and blacks which led to his assassination in 1965. Malcolm X was an accomplished man and did a lot for the Nation of Islam. Matthew Escovar author of “Malcolm X” wrote “In 1952, Malcolm was paroled and he immediately went to work for the Nation of Islam as an administrator and minister”. Malcolm X was arrested for burglary and was put in jail, while in jail X found the Nation of Islam.

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Once X was out of jail he was recruited to join the Nation of Islam and work as an administrator and a minister. Malcolm X converted many people to join the Nation of Islam as a minister. Malcolm X had become the person the people of Islam listened to and looked up to; Muhammad started to worry about Malcolm X taking his spot as leader of the Nation of Islam. The article named “Malcolm X Assassination” written by an unknown author wrote “Many of Muhammad’s relatives became envious of Malcolm X’s growing influence, fearing that he would take over after Muhammad died”. Malcolm X had been moving through the ranks so fast, and people started to love and follow him; Muhammad was getting worried about X’s accomplishments and thought his spot might be taken. Muhammad never did anything about it, it just made Muhammad look responsible for X’s assassination. Malcolm X was an accomplished man but still a young man. He had potential and the people of the Nation of Islam could see that. Malcolm X was a big part in the black community and helped the blacks gain their rights back and have equality.

Malcolm X believed that everyone was equal and that if you wanted something that you had to fight for it. Neil A. Hamilton author of “Malcolm X” wrote “Malcolm X still believed that whites were oppressive and that blacks must fight for their rights”. Malcolm X wanted fairness and equality and he knew the whites weren’t going to just hand it over. Malcolm X didn’t like the unfair rights and he was going to do something about it. Matthew Escovar author of “Malcolm X” wrote “Malcolm wanted black communities to take control of their own neighborhoods, not by violence or force, but through the ballot box. In 1964, he made a pilgrimage to Mecca, and there his views changed most significantly”. Malcolm X had enough of whites treating blacks unfairly and wanted to do something about it to stand up for the black community. He did by making a ballot box and he made a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Malcolm X wanted everything to be equal and everyone to be treated fairly, and that’s not what the whites wanted so X stood up for the black community. Malcolm X’s assassination was a horrible way to die and many people were very sad and mad about his death. In 1965 X was speaking at a rally and another Islamic group that disliked X got up out of there seats with handguns and shotguns, and X was shot sixteen times and died later that day. Jules Archer author of “Malcolm X” They Had a Dream wrote “When the news flashed around Harlem that Malcolm had been assassinated, sorrowing and furious crowds gathered in the streets”. People in the Nation of Islam were shocked and didn’t know what to think all they knew is that the person they looked up to and listened to was dead. Malcolm X did not deserve such an awful death like his. Matthew Escovar author of “Malcolm X” wrote “He preached equality for the blacks in America by any means possible and through the teachings of the Nation of Islam”. He fought for black equality and wanted everyone to be treated fairly and that’s why he didn’t deserve a death like his.

Malcolm X was a man that spoke his mind and all he wanted to do was make blacks and whites equal and for blacks to be treated fairly; he affected the civil rights movement by challenging the mainstream civil rights movement and have a nonviolent pursuit of integration. Malcolm X was a part of the Nation of Islam and wanted to make an impact on the world; he moved through the ranks quite fast and had a big effect on black equality sadly that led to his assassination in 1965.

07 September 2020

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