Biography Of J.K. Rowling

“The truth. It is a beautiful and terrible thing, and must, therefore, be treated with great condition. ” -J. K. Rowling (J. K Rowling Quotes). J. K. Rowling had once said that quote and as you go through her life, you can see how it had been applied to her. J. K. has gone through a lot in life with her family and when she was writing her books. Even through all the tough times, J. K. Rowling stayed strong with her family by her side and continued writing her books that are now known around the world.

J. K. was born on July 31, 1965, and was born in Yate, which was near Bristol, England (J. K. Rowling Biography). J. K. also had a sister named Dianne and she was born two months before J. K. ´s second birthday. Her mother was Anne Volant Rowling and not long after she gave birth to J. K. she had fallen ill. Later on, her mom went to the hospital after had gotten worse. Then, at the age of 30 years old, she had found out she had Multiple Sclerosis and a few years later, she passed away on December 30, 1990, at the age of 45 years old. Her father was Peter Rowling and he was working as an aircraft engineer in Bristol. He too lived a short life and passed away on January 3, 1980, at the age of 34 in England.

As J. K. grew up, she learned that she had a talent for writing. She had said in an interview,¨Writing for me is a kind of compulsion,¨ (Eby, Douglas). She said in school that she was the shy kid who had a freckled face and was short sided. As she grew up, she had kept good grades and loved to work in English class. One of the things J. K. had struggled with was being bullied in school. She was bullied a lot because of her name so people made fun of her by calling her, ¨Rowling Pin,¨ and there was even an instance where she got slammed into a locker (Eby, Douglas). J. K. even said that she would not go back if you had paid her. As she grew up, she went to Wyedean Comprehensive School, Moray House School of Education, and St. Michael´s Primary School (Eby, Douglas). J. K. later graduated from the University of Exeter to study French for her parent's wishes.

Later on, J. K. had met her first husband Jorge Arantes in December of 1991. Together, the two had J. K. ´s first child. The same year the child was born, the two kept fighting and soon had to get a divorce. After the divorce, J. K. had gotten custody of the child and moved in with her sister, Dianne Rowling. The first kid was Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes and she is the only child that is related to Jorge Arantes. Jessica was born on July 27, 1993, in Porto, Portugal (Celeb). Then, J. K. met her second husband who was her also her doctor, Neil Murray, and soon tied the knot on December 26, 2001, and made sure they were married in secret. They later had two kids which were David Gordon Ramsey and then Mackenzie Jean Murray and they were both born in Edinburgh.

Ever since J. K. was little, she knew she wanted to be a writer. Everyone may think the Harry Potter books were her first book but in reality, her first book was called, ¨Rabbit. ¨ As she grew up, she wrote stories and shared them with her friends throughout school. Later on, in 1990, she was on the train to Manchester to London when she had got the idea to write the Harry Potter books but was frustrated because she did not have a pen and was too shy to ask for one. As soon as she could, she started writing the first book which was Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and she had even said the first book had been her favorite. In the first book, the scene when Harry sees his deceased parents in the Mirror of Erised, she connected with it because her mom had passed away when she started writing the book the same year (Pettinger, Tejvan). After a few years, J. K. had finished the first book in the December of 1993 and after sending it to 13 publishers, she had gotten one of the publishers called Bloomsbury. Not long after the books took off and half of the copies were bought by libraries for schools. After a long journey, the books were made into movies and the series ended on December 21, 2007 (Pettinger, Tejvan).

At the time when J. K. was writing the Harry Potter series, she was working as a French teacher all the way in Edinburg. Then, as the series expanded, everyone around the world wanted to read the books and to do that, the books ended up getting transferred into 60 different languages. There were even screenplays made for these books! J. K. wrote many other books including The Cuckoo’s Calling, which was a murder mystery and soon had a second book after called The Silkworm. The Silkworm was about a detective who was falling down on his luck and soon these books were made into a T. V. show that was shown in the U. K. (Britannica).

Throughout J. K. ’s life, she had gotten many awards and her first one was the Booksellers Association Author of the Year in 1998 and 1999 and that same year, she won the award for Children’s Book of the Year by British Book Awards. Then, the Harry Potter Series had one a grand total of 30 awards and the first book called Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone had won the most with 10 awards (Anelli, Melissa). Back in 2007, J. K. was the runner up for Person of the Year because of her books and had said that the Harry Potter Series was, “One of the longest relationships of my adult life. ” (Gibbs, Nancy). J. K. had many other awards in which had totaled up to around 16 others.

J. K. had always been a kind person and so she, in turn, liked to help people out. So, J. K. had supports many charities and some were Lumos, Gingerbread, and The Catie Hoch Foundation. Lumos is a charity that was created by J. K. and it was designed to find kids the families and to help kids find families. The second charity is called Gingerbread and it is designed to help out single-parent families. With this, they try to help them get a job and many other things. Then, the third charity is called The Catie Hoch Foundation and it is designed to help kids with cancer. These kids do not get to go places so with this program, they try to raise money to take kids out to enjoy a movie and go out to eat and just to have fun in general.

As you can see, J. K. Rowling has had a lot happen in life in her life, she has even had reporters camp outside her door to her home. Then, as she felt she could not protect her kids at school, she decided to move to Scotland with her second husband, Neil Murray, and her kids and is now living a peaceful life and continues to write her books in peace.  

10 December 2020
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