Bloody Invasions of Turkey to the Northeastern Syria People


First of all, describing the NATO is abbreviated from North Atlantic Treaty Organization constituted in 1949 as its intergovernmental coalition of military, also it has been signed and organized by twelve members of states which were Belgium, Denmark, and France, in the history of this arrangement is well thought out to be the major and high-powered alliance regarding to the military issues, so far the membership of the NATO increased to the 28 states, contributor involved lately was German, turkey, Greek, Spain, besides this organization bound up to rule of law, individual freedom, the rights of human, on the other word; the secretary-General of NATO was the previous prime minister of Norway who was Jens Stoltenberg and the headquarters of NATO are in Brussels, eventually there was 26 meeting between state and heads of government from 1949 till now, and in 2016 there was the last meeting in Poland. According to the U.S. dept. of defense, the NATO was established to stand against the Soviet Union and it was collective security also apparently the U.S. Was strong enough on economic issues and it assisted Europe to arm and unify again in order to stand against the Soviets which desired to enlarge its territory through the Europe continent, moreover, he stated after the establishment of NATO global was sensitive and most dangerous land for 70 years and for addition; There is another abbreviation for NATO which is called OTAN comes from the French language due to the NATO defaulted 2 languages, English and French. NATO provides security and protects matters from cooperation and enhanced the values of democracy in order to give trust to each member of it and put the conflicts away or solve the issues, nevertheless; one of the significant points of NATO which is mentioned in the charter article 5, if any state in global invades any NATO’s member it means threaten to all member of NATO, however, this article has been made after 9/11 that was by the alliance of NATO.

As advantages and disadvantages of NATO, firstly it comes to existence to prevent European countries from external threats and abroad dangers and remained peace for 70 years, besides due to the NATO obtained peace for Europe for a long therefore in majority of NATO’s members did not have the soldiers using weapons and instead gave them an ordinary life for few years as well as the army soldiers who were commonly existed as a national culture from Europe has been taken off. Secondly; there is another benefit that NATO has in itself which whole members of it have the legal bureaucracy of their selves as well as having a circumference of ethic, besides; when one country or one member of NATO do not have the geostrategic in its existence then another country contained the campaign. As a thirds point, countries, if participate to the NATO, will provide assistance regarding to the threat and dangers, as discouraging the Soviet Union and banishing the cold war from the field, also it deals with cyber warfare issues which face to the countries of NATO’s member and international terrorist actors as well, eventually, alliance or NATO’s member are like a guard against threats which leads toward U.S. however; NATO combined cons to itself as well such as overdependence for example, an alliance of NATO when need support for meeting its military and responsibility of financial depends on the US and its members of it, on other side countries of the NATO should be in the line of aid even if America abuse power to do colony, the other disadvantage is European countries have lost their own sovereignty power for America because America controlled European countries and made an empire for itself in the ways of controlling Europe, other words it damage the environment due to building a variety of military base and making their defense stronger and enhance them and also they examine their air weapons, therefore, it make the environment less livable, despite effecting on people to migrate to advanced countries and stay permanently, ultimately it gives small nations less aid from any kind of parts.

NATO’s primal roles are to protect its member’s security as well as liberty through military and also politic way, on the other hand; from the beginning, it established to work on the defense quality of its alliance territory and to promote the steadiness and liberty of its contributor by aggregative security, despite all of this the significant aim of NATO was to expel Soviet from Europe and enjoy the American to Europe also to break down Germans regime for the limited period time which is for 60 years and it’s literally successful from defending its members, once again to protect members from threats if one country is attacked means got attacked all alliance , but in the modern world its role changed to gaining inequality for all as well as peace, afterward NATO’s Role enlarged and intervened into the terrorism issues after the 9/11 event when terrorists damaged the international trade base that was mean attacking US therefore NATO’s operation now is in Afghanistan and hence, it even demanded an aid from its challenger just to done its operation well and successful.

Is There any Possibility to Expel Turkey from NATO?

According to Jones the bloody invasions of Turkey to the northeastern Syria people annoyed especially France's former president who was François Hollande demand the NATO to expel Turkey from NATO membership, moreover; Lindsey Graham a senator of US promised if Turkey attacked Kurds whom helped them against ISIS Caliphate they will throw out Turkey from NATO this was stated before Turkey invasions, afterward Turkey ignored thus threaten and expressed I am not going to get on the knees for west despite informed its allies of NATO such as Europe and NS to walk away and do not effort to prevent him from its invades over Kurds force also it affects 130,000 people to displace their home to other areas, in addition, was told that’s not good for the Turkey to do these bad attitudes otherwise it can stay in NATO, professor Dr. Aurel Sari of Exeter University and expert of public international law had been mentioned “matters are not so simple”,

As a negative point, regarding excluding turkey from NATO responded, No Turkey cannot be expelled from NATO, he also mentioned that he does not like Erdogan but Turkey cannot be expelled because NATO is established to protect its members from abroad threats it’s not responsible for human rights on the other word he stated Turkey ought to stay in NATO while it accomplishes its duty in NATO, despite NATO was not the human rights institution by its members and it wasn’t worried about human rights from the first time when it established then why now? Therefore he claimed if NATO exclude Turkey the situation of balance in military power well get worse and obtain nothing without it. Furthermore; according to Vandiver the world was angry with Turkey due to its attacks over Syria, therefore, it brought up issues regarding whether the nation’s inside the NATO need to be re-examined asked by angered allies, in any case, regardless of whether there was agreement inside NATO regarding expelling Turkey there will be a barrier for these seventy-year military coalitions which is “no mechanism exists in NATO’s founding charter for revoking state’s membership” however, an agreement of NATO from Washington in article 13 demonstrate that countries can leave the alliance membership but there is not a clue to impose a partner from the alliance which is no longer give advantage, on the other word: Vandiver mentioned that if NATO ever considers to take out a member from the list, for instance, Turkey, it ought to modify the treaty which has been agreed by all member and for that purpose it needs united agreement from whole members.

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07 July 2022
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